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Location: Wantagh, NY

Your state-of-mind is intrinsically connected to your physiology. In fact the two are so closely intertwined that slight changes in one can lead to significant changes in the other.

A course in Proprioception and Body Mechanics
As I travel around the world teaching it has become very clear that there is a huge need for the understanding and application of Proprioception and Body Mechanics in both the world of the professional body worker and for everyday life.

Our five senses – sight, taste, hearing, touch and smell – advise us of the outside environment but the 6th sense, Proprioception, provides the status of the body itself. But we are not born with it, it is learned and anything learned can be learned incorrectly or altered.

Body mechanics refers to the way we move during every day activities. We all know that proper body mechanics are necessary to prevent or correct physical injuries. It is also extremely important for establishing a proper connection with our clients and opening up channels of communication.

Most therapists are not even aware of how much they are muscling their way through a treatment any more than our clients are aware of the damage they are causing themselves just getting out of the car.
This course is designed to bring you and your clients into the world of body awareness . The information in this course can be integrated into your practice with ease the very next day.lder Region

What You Will Learn in this Course:

  • Understanding of Proprioception
  • Conscious/Unconscious Proprioception
  • Proprioception effects on the body
  • Proprioception exercises
  • Proprioception as therapy
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