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Susan Mollison

“Marjorie has been to Falkirk Massage School twice to teach to qualified massage therapists in the United Kingdom, mainly Scotland. She has taught both Active Isolated Stretch and Scar Tissue Release. The feedback I have received from students has been very positive, with all students asking for her return and informing their colleagues about their […]

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Terri Willmott

“Marjorie’s scar tissue release course was enjoyable to attend & very inspiring. Her approach & techniques have enhanced my practice by enabling me to recognise the effects of scar tissue & fascial tensions in certain patients. I have found the techniques to be easy to apply & extremely effective in treating these adhesions & have

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Benedetta Gaetani Massage Therapist

“I attended a 2 days intensive seminar on Active Isolated Stretching with Marjorie Brook. The teaching was very clear, knowledgeable , inspired and inspiring. The material we came away with was very good and easy to use, so that now I can incorporate some of the stretches into my treatments.To any one out there who

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Greg Wood

“Your seminar had breathtaking breadth and depth; it was wonderful taking part. As a student with a couple of months to go before graduating, I am zeroing in on my direction and modalities of interest, and am noticing that those with immediate, measurable, observable results are what draw my attention. AIS is definitely one, and

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Cynthia Portner

“I have been in regular contact with Marjorie Brook over the past 10 years as a Licensed Massage Therapist in NY and FL, Client, and friend. Working with Marjorie now, as she has been an AIS educator for our Massage Therapists and Personal Trainers at Equinox Fitness Clubs, has given me an even higher level

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Colin Meyer

“This course was outstanding!!! It was wonderful to experience the positive effects that I know my patients/clients will be experiencing and bring balance to them structurally! Marjorie was out of this world!!”

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Connie Swartzendruber

“Marjorie is an inspirational instructor in the field of AIS. Clear in her directions on how to perform the stretch as well as your touch. Her teaching methods are direct and bring out the best in you as a therapist & student.”

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Thomas Dickert

“I recently attended Marjorie’s AIS seminar and found it very useful. Marjorie is an excellent teacher with an amazing technique. I found the entire experience extremely valuable.”

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