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One of the biggest problems we face in the Healthcare Industry (well, I guess in any industry) is lack of understanding and poor communication.  We waste a lot of time judging and criticizing other co-professions and variations of techniques.  This behavior not only brings our entire industry down,  It can cause confusion among the general population to the point that they do not know where to turn when in need.

When faced with a disease or injury, a person tends to panic.  They are afraid to ask questions, and/or more commonly, they do not know what questions to ask. Under such stress it is near impossible for them to make informed decisions about how to treat and deal with their issues.  Information is key and it needs to be explained in the simplest terms whenever possible.

But how can a person figure anything out if we, as the professionals, are constantly putting other forms of therapy and professions down?  It only muddies the water.  It is better to explain the principles and approach of each therapy,  giving the client the ability to make the best fully informed choice which best suits them. (FYI 90% of the surgeries performed in the US are elective – and only 85% of the people under going these same surgeries are aware of this!)

Here is where the Wholistic Toolbox come in. My goal is to present various topics for discussion, including a “So what would you do?” section. I will  do my best to explain a disease, disorder or injury and I invite you all from Doctor, to Physical & Massage Therapist, to  Athletic & Personal Trainers, to person(s) dealing with the issue to come forth and:

Share: your understanding of the topic & your approach to treating/working with the client/patient

Learn: Why & how other professions approach the topic

Inquire: Ask questions, you do not need to a professional to participate.  Asking a question will give the pros an opportunity to see how others would explain it for you.  “No question is ever stupid if you truly want to know the answer.”

By participating, we will all have a better understanding of each other and the ability to present real options to our clients/patients.

We do not need to agree we just need to acknowledge and understand each other.

First up for the Toolbox:  Integration

The theme of all I believe in and teach is “Everything is connected to everything else.”  We need to pay attention to specific details as well as how they relate to their surroundings.  Keeping with this theme I have decided to pull all the aspects of my work together into one unified location! This new web site combines all three areas of my work, private practice, public speaking and of course continuing education seminars.   It is fully loaded with exciting new courses  and  some spruced up and improved (right down to the name) existing courses.  Both address of Marjoriebrook.com and Marjoreibrooksemianrs.com will take you to the same site just a more specific location within the site however all the information is a simple click away!

So what’s in a name?

With the new look comes new names. After five years of building a reputation for Brook Seminars Bodywork Education, everyone still continues to refer to me personally.  So, following the path of least resistance, I tweaked the company name just a little to Marjorie Brook Seminars.  Not so hard to do or for others to get used too.

I have also changed the tiles of my two main courses, The F.A.S.T. (Fascial Adhesion Scar Tissue) Release Method™ & F.A.S.T. (Flexibility And Strength Training) Therapy™. I chose these names because they simply and succinctly explained what the work was and how quick  it yielded results.  They were designed to facilitate each other as I never use/teach them exclusively. Unfortunately there was some confusion between the titles. While trying to figure out how to remedy this problem I realized that they really should be together along with all of the other techniques and approaches I combine into my classes and therapy sessions.  The end result of all this brainstorming is Tah Dah!

The S.TR.A.I.T. Method™  which stands for  Scar Tissue Release And Integrated Therapies and features my Scar Tissue Release work and the many other  therapies /approaches I combine to achieve  personalized and  productive results.


Integrated Therapeutic Stretching™ (ITS) a more progressive form of Active Isolated Stretching utilizing proper body mechanics, body/mind connection and client communications.

New Stuff!!

After promising everyone and myself, for what seems like forever, I have finally put together some course that feature what I do best!

“Your Left …No Your other Left!”  a course designed to give you a better understanding the importance of proprioception and body mechanics . This course will  increase body awareness for you and your clients. The information contained can easily be integrated into your therapeutic practice with immediate affects.


“The Whole Picture”  a course in client communications   (this one’s worth 6 ethics credits!).   The body responds to the way one thinks, feels and acts.  The “mind/body connection” needs to be acknowledged before, during and after any bodywork session.  When a person is stressed, anxious or upset, the body tries to communicate that something isn’t right and guards against treatment that can help. This course centers on how to better recognize the emotional states of our  clients, how it is affect the session and how to deal with emotional release while protecting ourselves.

Certification: yup, the time has come.  I have been asked in every class I have ever taught “Do you offer a certification?”  In order to put this together I had to ask myself “What does certification mean to me?”  The answer was very clear.  To be certified means to put in the time and dedication to learn something completely.  This is no fly by night, take two weekends and you are done certification my friends. To be truly qualified to use my name means I have to be a 1000%  sure you are fully trained and have a solid understanding of all I have to offer.

I am so excited about these courses and the certification.  I can not wait to start sharing them with you!

Well there you have it! A new look, new information but still the same high quality of Sharing, Learning and Laughter!

Toolbox Rules

You participation is encourage however there is a proper way to use a tool and a wrong way.  That being said here are a few guidelines for everyone’s benefit

  1. All post are to be written with proper social etiquette. No insulting, grand standing or egos allowed. Only pure information exchange.
  2. Absolutely no selling or marketing of products or services.
  3. No profanity.
  4. There  is a time and pace for everything and, while this platform is for health  & well-being information, please no religion commentary.

I reserve the right to delete/return for rephrasing any post that does not follow these guidelines.

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