The Manuals

Flexibility First – Professional Series

These unique guides demonstrate how to achieve faster, longer-lasting therapeutic results by practicing effective stretching and strengthening techniques utilizing Integrated Therapeutic Stretching   (ITS). The perfect stretching guides, clear, concise and loaded with valuable information for Chiropractic, massage, or physical-therapy practitioner, athletic and personal trainers, each of the eight manuals is available for purchase from the Professional Flexibility Guides website at $17.95 per volume. Or save $39 and purchase the set for $97.

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Flexibility First – Self Stretching Series

Think stretching is too time consuming?  A waste of time? Tried it, but only got limited relief — or ended up in more discomfort than when you started?

Want to learn how to stretch easily, effectively, and effortlessly?

Yes? Then you’ll be delighted when you turn the pages of the richly illustrated, succinctly written Flexibility First manuals — designed to support you in your quest to restore enduring balance to your body, as quickly as possible.

The electronically delivered manual series comprises seven volumes — each available for purchase from the Flexibility Guides website for $9.95 a piece or $47 for the set. Still not sure?

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