A partial list of Marjorie Brook’s clients include: 
NY Chiropractic College, Equinox Fitness Clubs, American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) and the NY Knicks City Dancers.

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our mentors, colleagues, students and clients have to say about Marjorie Brook Seminars and Marjorie Brook…

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As a physiotherapist and practitioner in KMI structural Integration l have followed the course with Marjorie Brook about Scar Tissue releases (STRAIT METHOD). In my daily practice it is evident having knowledge about scar tissues and skills how to treat them. Understanding the influences of scars on posture and movement is important not to forget to mention the influences scars may have on the psyche. The course given by Marjorie Brook is helpful to that. Bringing you knowledge, giving you tools to treat, all in her enthusiastic way of presentation.

 Harry Hoogenbosch‎, KMIAmsterdam, NL 

I was fortunate enough to have a massage with Marjorie in Sydney, Australia on her recent visit. I was astonished by the immediate results and by Marjorie’s open, giving attitude. Post massage benefits included greater energy, improved posture, a huge sense of release and opening to my abdomen which had felt frozen after a liver transplant and follow up debridements. It was such a relief. Emotionally I felt noticeably stronger after the treatment.

Deborah Martin-Smith, Australia

I  attended  the 2 day course on the STRAIT method for scar tissue assessment and treatment ( Level 1)
Marjorie presented  comprehensive evidence based instruction.
This was the first time I have heard someone combine the physical and emotional impact of scar  that we as therapists see every day – which can be very long lasting and life changing for many.
Marjorie offered a very clear understanding of the scar tissue, adhesions and changes to connected tissues.
When it came to practice at the workshop, you knew exactly what you were working on, in your head, and then your hands had the opportunity to start feeling the variance and extent of these changes.
We had a range of people with very significant scars who generously allowed everyone to practice new hands on skills. The 2 days allowed for feedback regarding the emotional impact of the hands on scar release work. Burns, old ( and traumatic) caesar scars,traumatic avulsion scars and skin cancer scars were assessed and treated over the 2 days.
A great learning experience  and a great opportunity for having your own old/ mature scar treated in a comprehensive way.
The 2 day course + more will be held again next year – this is a must for all therapists who want to help their patients/ clients recover better.
Denise Stewart
Occupational Therapist Brisbane, Australia


Below is a letter from one of the Volunteers in the Australia courses to his Physical Therapist who was on the course. He received scar work from the students of both classes and a neuro-muscular re-education session consisting of Integrated Therapeutic stretching and body mechanics training from me.

Firstly, thank you for asking me to attend the STRAIT course conducted by Marjorie Brooks as a “subject of interest”. I had no idea what it was about or what my role was, so it was a very pleasant surprise to be the centre of attention of so many people clearly dedicated to the art of caring and healing.
One of the traumas from my plane crash was the degloving of skin from around my right foot. I had lost skin around the heel and right side of foot in an area about the size of the my hand. After 5 weeks of stabilisation post the accident, a successful skin graft was performed. There was however significant scarring and lesions as a result. Many edges and other parts of the graft after now 7 months were still deep purple in colour and there was still much unnatural discolouration generally.
A side effect of the 10 or so weeks waiting for graft and sufficient healing to take place with the ankle stabilised in a brace, was that the ankle and general foot mobility was massively reduced. Some bones in the foot were also broken, but had rejoined successfully without surgery. Much of the recent months of rehab work were on regaining ankle and foot mobility.
Its hard to explain what Majorie did, even though I experienced it. It was such a gentle and subtle process. The results however speak for themselves. Importantly, there has been a massive reduction in the discoloured areas in the grafted area, especially around the edges. The skin colour across the graft area is now much more the same as the unaffected areas. Additionally the skin tension is much more relaxed and the continued application of the STRAIT process continues to improve flexibility and feeling.
The flexibility and sensitivity of my overall foot action is also improved. The additional mobility affected in my toes by the process provided has provided significant improvement to my ability to walk in a more natural gait.
Now that my physio Aideen Osbourne, has learnt the techniques and has also integrated them into the other work being undertaken (I had 7 broken vertebrae, plus muscle and facial damage to my lower back and buttocks), I am feeling far more positive about the final results of long term rehabilitation.


Just came back from my first STRAIT Method seminar, a Foundations course about scar tissue release. A lot happened in three days. Marjorie has a wealth of information to share that is both based on scientific evidence and her many years of experience. I came away with lots of new information, but also with a lot of motivation to continue learning. There is so much to consider when doing this work and Marjorie puts a lot of emphasis on understanding the impact that scar tissue has both on the body and the mind. The hands on work in this class is invaluable. The volunteers who came for the practical portion of the class were a diverse group of people with all different kinds of scar tissue (from surgeries, burns and other injuries) that have had tremendous impact on their lives. Their incredible stories and the transformation after treatment is the sort of thing you don’t get to experience in many courses. I highly recommend this class to any manual therapist who is looking to add to their skill set and wants to do meaningful work that is based on science. 

Marisel Clark LMT CT

As an LPN I found the information fascinating. Thank you for expanding my knowledge base and giving me more to work with on my clients. You are a great instructor and this is a great seminar! Thank you. DJA
I completed the STRAIT method, Integrated Therapeutic Stretch and STRAIT Method Abdominal/Pelvic course with Marjorie in Sydney this year. What a fantastic and informative course. Marjorie is an awesome instructor and I was very impressed with the results in class on the volunteers. Then once back at my clinic the STRAIT method has produced very effective results on my clients. I can’t believe the difference it has on the clients health and well being and their freedom of movement when scar tissue is released. I highly recommend this course it will change the way you approach massage and the amazing results it has on clients

Lisa Thomson, LMT 

Just completed Marjorie’s training in DC this past weekend, without a doubt one of the most enjoyable and useful continuing ed experiences I’ve had in 20+ years of practice. Chock full of enlightening info about the formation of scar tissue and it’s tendency to grow through the proliferation of adhesions that form around it, and great presentation of the pervasive nature of the body’s intricate fascial system. Great visual aids and handouts, straightforward techniques that were clearly demonstrated and documented. Lots of real time practice with wonderful volunteer clients from the community. Marjorie’s common sense approach is down to earth and easily accessible, and her big bold energy and New York sense of humor is wildly entertaining. 2 thumbs (and 8 fingers) up!

Joanne Checchi LMT 

Amazing classes! Marjorie is a fountain of knowledge. The lower body stretching totally changed my perception of what I’d been taught before and I can’t wait to take the upper body course!! I also highly recommend the scar-release – again, eye opening work! I love that she not only teaches how to change the body, but to re-educate people how to move after the work has been done! She’s fantastic. 

Jenny Royer, LMT CT 

Not only important information, but presented in an entertaining way. Can’t wait to implement what I learned.


I have been a NYS licensed massage therapist for over 4 years now. Since my brief introduction to scar therapy back in school, I awaited the time and scheduling ability to work with Marjorie Brook and learn her S.T.R.A.I.T. method for treatment of scars.
Not only did I learn invaluable techniques, but I am privileged to know Marjorie now as a mentor for life! Her appreciation of learning and ever-increasing her knowledge of manual therapy coupled with her compassion for people as human beings made me know there is another seminar of hers in my future that I eagerly look forward to!
Camille Tamborski LMT  NY

Excellent Class! Excellent Teacher! So eye opening about adhesions/scar tissue. Can’t wait to take the Stretching class!


Where to even begin! I was truly fortunate enough to be able to travel from Virginia to attend Marjorie’s STRAIT method foundation course at the beginning of February. The entire 3-day immersive experience was perfect from start to finish. Marjorie’s knowledge of scar tissue was on point and she made an extreme effort not only to educate but to provide the same name behind what she was teaching. By the end of day 1, she had managed to change my entire perception on both fascia and the integration of the body. The client’s she brought in for hands on training we’re amazing and gave us a broad base to work with and begin to understand how our work effects the emotional and mental state of our client along with the physical. I can safely say I returned from this training a more knowledgeable and empowered therapist from Marjorie’s techniques and lectures. I am already seeing an outpouring of interest from my regular clients and have received bookings to begin to help assess how people’s scarring might be impacting their everyday lives and contributing to their pain. Thank you Marjorie, I cannot wait to return later this year and go further in-depth with such a gifted teacher within my field.

Kathleen DeAngelo, LMT  VA

Franci and the staff at A Healing Trail,

I have been in varying degrees of constant pain for the past 10 years. For the past 5 years massage, stretching and some chiropractic work has helped to make my life manageable. After yesterdays training session, I am sore in different places but my back is much looser/free to move in ways it hasn’t for a very long time. I was told I would probably feel strong emotions after, my reactions were elation followed closely by fear that the relief I was feeling wouldn’t last. I am in no way pain free but, I see hope in my future where there was none. I was contemplating SI Joint fusion and for now that has been taken off the table. Please let me know when you will be offering services connected to scar tissue reduction, I will not hesitate to come in.

Thank you for all of your services I have received but thank you most of all for the hope of feeling better.

Sincerely and truly,
Stacie T.

From Franci Tartaglino: Feedback from my client who was a demo body for Marjorie Brook at our seminar this weekend:

Hi Franci,

I didn’t know what to expect when I volunteered. I’m still trying to wrap my brain around the effects I got from the work she did on my scar. I didn’t realize all the tightness I was having was coming from my scar! When she said to get up slowly off the table in my mind I was laughing saying I’ll be fine. I couldn’t believe how I was when I got up. I thought I was either going to pass out or vomit at first.

I woke up from dreams last night at 2am not to mention dehydration and a little achy. I thought that was the craziest thing when she said it but the funny thing is what my dreams where about. My dreams had nothing to do with the scar she worked on but all my other scars! I have a scar on my left leg I have not thought about since it happened. I think I was seven when I got it. I had climbed on my mothers washer to reach some stuff to brush my moms hair and when I jumped off to the floor my leg caught the side of a broken basket and two sticks stuck into my muscle. I could not even walk. I was in so much pain but the weird part about that whole thing is the guilt I felt. One I was told not to climb up there, two my Dad blamed my mother for keeping the broken basket. I was the one that did wrong but my mom was the one with all the guilt. I woke up crying living through all my scars. I really didn’t realize how many I have because they are so small. What I was really reliving was the experience not the pain.

I can’t believe how well I could stretch this morning with out all the pain. I still feel achy but I feel great as well it is hard to explain:) I can actually touch my chin to my chest and not fell pain! I can’t believe I had such a hang up on people touching my scar or my spine. Thanks for believing in me that I could do this it was an eye opening experience. I really thought I was going to chicken out!

Thanks Again, Diane

I was fortunate enough to be able to attend the STRAIT foundations seminar this past weekend in NY. Marjorie is more than just an instructor in her seminars, she is passionate about the work she does and teaches. Taking her seminar was a mind blowing experience. Seeing and experiencing the before and after effects of scar work gives me the confidence to begin using the STRAIT method in my practice. I highly recommend any manual therapist interested in scar work take Marjorie’s courses, you will walk away with 1st hand knowledge, resources and the confidence to put your knowledge in to practice.

Nina Roman, LMT IL

Few people are able to make a difference in correcting problems as Marjorie Brook. Her warm personality, caring attitude and unusual ability place her high among the best Active Isolated practitioners in the world.

Having been a teacher for over 35 years I have had some very talented teachers that made learning enjoyable. Being associated with Marjorie, I’ve observed an unusual teacher, that students across the nation rate as exceptional.

Marjorie is a well-educated, talented teacher. She is highly motivated and consistently brings out the best in the students she teaches. She is always well prepared and displays great patience with individuals having difficulty learning concepts or skills.

Possessing a bright smile she is often quoted as “someone who really cares”. Her boundless energy enables her to pursue her teaching passion to a level most never approach. She is a well-prepared educator and isn’t easily upset if everything that happens isn’t as perfect as expected. Her material is well prepared, containing good humor with numerous examples that help one concentrate and learn in a relaxed atmosphere.

It is my opinion that Marjorie E. Brook is a “cutting edge” teacher that all may learn from her greatest potential yet to be fulfilled.”

Aaron Mattes, MS, RKT, LMT
Pioneer Active Isolated Stretching: The Mattes Method

“I have been right at the cutting edge of health and fitness and reporting on emerging trends that became mainstream for decades. From Johnny G and Spinning to Billy blanks and Tae Bo. With the trends in fitness now moving to REJUVENATION I am happy to procalim Marjorie Brook and Activate Isolated Stretching as one of the key “Next New Things” that will explode over the next few years.”

Greta Blackburn
Editor Ms. Fitness Magazine
Founder/Director of Greta Blackburn’s FITCAMPS

“Marjorie Brook is an excellent therapist/instructor/author. She is well trained and very experienced. As an instructor she is an energetic, clear communicator who can work with groups of any size. Marjorie can explain her techniques in the most technical and accurate language to other professionals or simply explain concepts and techniques to lay-people and beginning students. She uses state of the art audio/video equipment effectively. Marjorie is an honest person, a true professional who is trustworthy, dependable, and fun to be around. I highly recommend Marjorie and Brook Seminars to anyone seeking high quality educatioal presentations.”

Ralph R. Stephens, LMT, National Lecturer
Author of Therapeutic Chair Massage

“Marjorie Brook’s course on treating scar tissue adds another valuable skill to the osteopathic tool-kit! The techniques are direct and make no apologies but they are very effective in removing long-standing obstacles to health and allowing better tissue health and mobility. Marjorie is an enthusiastic and experienced teacher and with her you are guaranteed a lively, entertaining and enabling course”.

Dr. Enda Butler, Osteopath, London, England
British School of Osteopathy

I recently attended one of Marjorie’s Lectures on scar release that was specifically focused on cesarean section scars. Marjorie’s seminar was packed with great information, and she has a way of explaining everything in clear, straightforward terms. She delivered the seminar with incredible care and sensitivity to this group of women, many of whom had experienced a lot of trauma resulting in their scars. She inspired me and many other women to see the way their scars may be affecting their global health and well being. She gave us tools and guidance about how we might address these issues going forward. Her passion for educating people about this issue is impressive, and her approach is selfless and genuine. I would HIGHLY recommend Marjorie to anyone interested in learning more about scar release therapy.

Suzanne Chesney

“Having worked with AIS (active isolated stretching) I was intrigued to see what Marjorie could bring to the party! Marjorie certainly has a fresh and innovative perspective on this technique. Really enjoyed the learning experience”

Joyce Gavin B.Sc ACSM Cert, Author

BODYFIRM Founder, Managing Director, Master Trainer for the PROGRESSIVE Pilates Academy, & European Master Trainer for FreeMotion (USA) I Tonic
Ireland’s first lady of Pilates being credited with bringing this wonderful technique to Ireland in the 90’s.

“I have never had the privilege of taking one of Marjorie’s workshops, so I can’t speak firsthand about her teaching. What I can say is that her workshop attendees are consistently excited and empowered by what they learn from her. I will add that Marjorie holds a special value to me by being a woman teacher of bodywork technique. In a field where practitioners are 85% women, continuing education providers in technique are overwhelmingly male. Marjorie and a very few others are important exceptions to that rule. Rock On, Marjorie!”

Ruth Werner, Seminar Presenter, CE Provider, Werner Workshops

“Marjorie Brook’s workshops are true to the Mattes Method. She makes the complex simple, and she provides the patience and one-on-one necessary to master the technique. But her true gift to us all is her specificity as a therapist and her dedication as a healer!”

Dr. Josephine M. Centore, Chiropractor, North Bellmore, New York

“I was fortunate enough to have Marjorie work on me and with me during a seminar and during other sessions amounting to several hours of experience with her. Marjorie truly has one of a kind ability and knowledge and has taken her field of AIS to a far higher level than anything I have ever been exposed to before or since. Marjorie’s particular strength is in “reading” her clients and communicating with them in a way that is always crystal clear even when the topic is complex and difficult.  I consider Marjorie a very rare talent indeed.”

Dave Woynarowski MD author The Immortality Edge”  ceo

“I met Marjorie Brook at an Aaron Mattes seminar where she was assisting Mr. Mattes teaching Active Isolated Stretching. I found her knowledge of how the human body moves and how to manipulate it expertly to be superb. Marjorie’s explanations to seminar participants were concise, razor accurate and crystal clear. Her instructions were gentle, caring, yet conveyed with authority an exactness and professionalism that were unparalleled by any other instructor present. I heartily give Marjorie Brook my highest possible recommendation as the ultimate professional bodywork instructor.”

Ben Fury Therapist, Los Angelos, California

 “Marjorie Brook is one of those people who becomes essential to your well-being. She transcends the term “practitioner,” and becomes teacher and guide as well. Marjorie is at the forefront of making AIS what it should be, accessible, understandable, and effective for every human being from infant to athlete, special needs to spectacular performer.”

Eric Chessen, Founder

“Marjorie is an inspiration. She is dedicated to serving her clients and students with both integrity and excellence. The only thing that exceeds her knowledge is her desire and ability to communicate to help her students learn.”

Sarah Young, M.S., Massage Therapist, Detroit, Michigan

“Much like other therapies, AIS has some therapists who need more practice, some who are very good at what they do, and some who are way over the top. I can honestly say that Marjorie Brook is the best of the best, both in her role as a therapist and as an instructor. Marjorie has the ability to teach at whatever level is required to ensure her students fully understand the AIS techniques and leave the seminar with the confidence they need to incorporate their new skills into their own businesses. Marjorie brings a great deal of knowledge to her seminars as well as the ability to explain things clearly and encourage her students to be the best therapists they can be. Marjorie is definitely my choice for an AIS therapist and an AIS teacher. “

Jen Frosst, AIS Therapist, London, Ontario, Canada

“I found Marjorie to be one of the sharpest and quickest Bodywork teachers I’ve met. She seems intuitively to be right on, critiquing techniques being learned, and can answer the questions of why and what fors. I greatly admire her knowledge and skill and hope to have more opportunities to learn from her!”

Tamera Snelling Massage Therapist, Beaverton, Oregon

“Marjorie Brook is an inspirational and knowledgeable therapist. I thoroughly enjoyed her excellent courses in Active Isolated Stretching and Scar tissue release.
I have been using the scar tissue release technique on my clients and it has been very effective in reduction of pain and discomfort. Plus increasing my client’s freedom of movement immediately after treatment.
I have studied and used various stretching methods on myself and my clients over the years. Active Isolated stretching has provided me with the tools to plan a more detailed stretching program for my clients and myself. I can recommend that it is very effective method in post exercise and rehabilitation.”

Lynne Mollison Remedial Massage Therapist, Edinburgh, Scottland

“Marjorie is AMAZING!! I’m usually nervous about new techniques but I was not at all during the class. Her energy and confidence is contagious and I now feel that I can practice AIS with no hesitations. Thank you Marjorie!”

A.J. Golden, Massage Therapist, Woodbridge, New Jersey

“I recently attended Marjorie’s AIS seminar and found it very useful. Marjorie is an excellent teacher with an amazing technique. I found the entire experience extremely valuable.”

Thomas Dickert, NY Chiropractic College, Seneca Falls, New York

 “Marjorie Brook has an exceptional gift for movement awareness. She is not only a great therapist, she has the ability to teach others AIS in a fun and interactive way. Marjorie gave me the confidence and the tools to be a successful AIS practitioner”.

Sheehan McBride NSCA-CPT CSEP-CPT, Montreal, Canada

“Marjorie is an inspirational instructor in the field of AIS. Clear in her directions on how to perform the stretch as well as your touch. Her teaching methods are direct and bring out the best in you as a therapist & student.”

Connie Swartzendruber, Massage Therapist, Owner of Sports Therapy, Libby, Montana

“This course was outstanding!!! It was wonderful to experience the positive effects that I know my patients/clients will be experiencing and bring balance to them structurally! Marjorie was out of this world!!”

Colin Meyer, Massage Therapist, Moscow, Idaho

“I have been in regular contact with Marjorie Brook over the past 10 years as a Licensed Massage Therapist in NY and FL, Client, and friend. Working with Marjorie now, as she has been an AIS educator for our Massage Therapists and Personal Trainers at Equinox Fitness Clubs, has given me an even higher level of respect for her personally as well as professionally. Her method of teaching encourages quick and deep learning as she engages her students in a fun, interactive manner leading to maximum understanding and immediate application. Her passion and commitment to Active Isolated Stretching, massage therapy, body work, personal training, health, wellness, and the martial arts is apparent and addictive. Marjorie is an out-standing presenter and instructor. She has a true thirst for understanding the human body and a real dedication to health and wellness for herself and for others. Having had the honor of attending Aaron Mattes’ workshops in the past, I imagine he is very proud of Marjorie’s instruction, commitment, and dedication to his work. I recently took her class at our Woodbury,NY Equinox location and our personal trainers and massage therapists began using the techniques learned on their clients and on their selves the next day. Thank you, Marjorie!

Cynthia Portner, LMT, Area Spa Manager, Equinox

 “Your seminar had breathtaking breadth and depth; it was wonderful taking part. As a student with a couple of months to go before graduating, I am zeroing in on my direction and modalities of interest, and am noticing that those with immediate, measurable, observable results are what draw my attention. AIS is definitely one, and I leave feeling that I’ve learned from an expert! “

Greg Wood, Massage Therapy Student, CCMT, Connecticut

“Thank you Marjorie for your Scar Tissue Course held in Falkirk. It was fun, well presented and very informative. You certainly know your subject and I would thoroughly recommend your courses to everyone. I look forward with eager anticipation to your 3 day Active Isolated Stretching Course early next year. Thanks again Marjorie!”

Martin Henck Advanced Remedial & Sports Massage Therapist, Scotland

“I attended a 2 days intensive seminar on Active Isolated Stretching with Marjorie Brook. The teaching was very clear, knowledgeable , inspired and inspiring. The material we came away with was very good and easy to use, so that now I can incorporate some of the stretches into my treatments.To any one out there who has any doubts in joining Marjorie’s workshops I would say to go for it as they will not be disappointed.”

Benedetta Gaetani Massage Therapist, Edinburgh, Scotland

 “Marjorie’s scar tissue release course was enjoyable to attend & very inspiring. Her approach & techniques have enhanced my practice by enabling me to recognise the effects of scar tissue & fascial tensions in certain patients. I have found the techniques to be easy to apply & extremely effective in treating these adhesions & have experienced excellent results. I highly recommend this course to all physical therapists!”

Terri Willmott, Osteopath, Driffield, England

“Marjorie has been to Falkirk Massage School twice to teach to qualified massage therapists in the United Kingdom, mainly Scotland. She has taught both Active Isolated Stretch and Scar Tissue Release. The feedback I have received from students has been very positive, with all students asking for her return and informing their colleagues about their new skills gained.

As Principal of the school, I can confirm that Marjorie is a delight to work with when doing administration of the courses she offers. She is professional, punctual and adaptable. I have also attended Marjorie’s courses and her delivery is excitable, informative and the new skills I have gained are without doubt some of the best skills I have been taught.”

Susan Mollison DARM SMTO
Principal Falkirk Massage School

Video Testimonials