Stacie T.

Franci and the staff at A Healing Trail,

I have been in varying degrees of constant pain for the past 10 years. For the past 5 years massage, stretching and some chiropractic work has helped to make my life manageable. After yesterdays training session, I am sore in different places but my back is much looser/free to move in ways it hasn’t for a very long time. I was told I would probably feel strong emotions after, my reactions were elation followed closely by fear that the relief I was feeling wouldn’t last. I am in no way pain free but, I see hope in my future where there was none. I was contemplating SI Joint fusion and for now that has been taken off the table. Please let me know when you will be offering services connected to scar tissue reduction, I will not hesitate to come in.

Thank you for all of your services I have received but thank you most of all for the hope of feeling better.

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