Marisel Clark

Just came back from my first STRAIT Method seminar, a Foundations course about scar tissue release. A lot happened in three days. Marjorie has a wealth of information to share that is both based on scientific evidence and her many years of experience. I came away with lots of new information, but also with a lot of motivation to continue learning. There is so much to consider when doing this work and Marjorie puts a lot of emphasis on understanding the impact that scar tissue has both on the body and the mind. The hands on work in this class is invaluable. The volunteers who came for the practical portion of the class were a diverse group of people with all different kinds of scar tissue (from surgeries, burns and other injuries) that have had tremendous impact on their lives. Their incredible stories and the transformation after treatment is the sort of thing you don’t get to experience in many courses. I highly recommend this class to any manual therapist who is looking to add to their skill set and wants to do meaningful work that is based on science. 

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