Kathleen DeAngelo

Where to even begin! I was truly fortunate enough to be able to travel from Virginia to attend Marjorie’s STRAIT method foundation course at the beginning of February. The entire 3-day immersive experience was perfect from start to finish. Marjorie’s knowledge of scar tissue was on point and she made an extreme effort not only to educate but to provide the same name behind what she was teaching. By the end of day 1, she had managed to change my entire perception on both fascia and the integration of the body. The client’s she brought in for hands on training we’re amazing and gave us a broad base to work with and begin to understand how our work effects the emotional and mental state of our client along with the physical. I can safely say I returned from this training a more knowledgeable and empowered therapist from Marjorie’s techniques and lectures. I am already seeing an outpouring of interest from my regular clients and have received bookings to begin to help assess how people’s scarring might be impacting their everyday lives and contributing to their pain. Thank you Marjorie, I cannot wait to return later this year and go further in-depth with such a gifted teacher within my field.

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