From Franci Tartaglino: Feedback from my client who was a demo body for Marjorie Brook at our seminar this weekend:

Hi Franci,

I didn’t know what to expect when I volunteered. I’m still trying to wrap my brain around the effects I got from the work she did on my scar. I didn’t realize all the tightness I was having was coming from my scar! When she said to get up slowly off the table in my mind I was laughing saying I’ll be fine. I couldn’t believe how I was when I got up. I thought I was either going to pass out or vomit at first.

I woke up from dreams last night at 2am not to mention dehydration and a little achy. I thought that was the craziest thing when she said it but the funny thing is what my dreams where about. My dreams had nothing to do with the scar she worked on but all my other scars! I have a scar on my left leg I have not thought about since it happened. I think I was seven when I got it. I had climbed on my mothers washer to reach some stuff to brush my moms hair and when I jumped off to the floor my leg caught the side of a broken basket and two sticks stuck into my muscle. I could not even walk. I was in so much pain but the weird part about that whole thing is the guilt I felt. One I was told not to climb up there, two my Dad blamed my mother for keeping the broken basket. I was the one that did wrong but my mom was the one with all the guilt. I woke up crying living through all my scars. I really didn’t realize how many I have because they are so small. What I was really reliving was the experience not the pain.

I can’t believe how well I could stretch this morning with out all the pain. I still feel achy but I feel great as well it is hard to explain:) I can actually touch my chin to my chest and not fell pain! I can’t believe I had such a hang up on people touching my scar or my spine. Thanks for believing in me that I could do this it was an eye opening experience. I really thought I was going to chicken out!

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