Denise Stewart

I attended the 2 day course on the STRAIT method for scar tissue assessment and treatment ( Level 1)
Marjorie presented comprehensive evidence based instruction.
This was the first time I have heard someone combine the physical and emotional impact of scar that we as therapists see every day – which can be very long lasting and life changing for many.
Marjorie offered a very clear understanding of the scar tissue, adhesions and changes to connected tissues.
When it came to practice at the workshop, you knew exactly what you were working on, in your head, and then your hands had the opportunity to start feeling the variance and extent of these changes.
We had a range of people with very significant scars who generously allowed everyone to practice new hands on skills. The 2 days allowed for feedback regarding the emotional impact of the hands on scar release work. Burns, old ( and traumatic) caesar scars,traumatic avulsion scars and skin cancer scars were assessed and treated over the 2 days.
A great learning experience and a great opportunity for having your own old/ mature scar treated in a comprehensive way.
The 2 day course + more will be held again next year – this is a must for all therapists who want to help their patients/ clients recover better.

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