Aaron Mattes, MS, RKT

Few people are able to make a difference in correcting problems as Marjorie Brook. Her warm personality, caring attitude and unusual ability place her high among the best Active Isolated practitioners in the world.

Having been a teacher for over 35 years I have had some very talented teachers that made learning enjoyable. Being associated with Marjorie, I’ve observed an unusual teacher, that students across the nation rate as exceptional.

Marjorie is a well-educated, talented teacher. She is highly motivated and consistently brings out the best in the students she teaches. She is always well prepared and displays great patience with individuals having difficulty learning concepts or skills.

Possessing a bright smile she is often quoted as “someone who really cares”. Her boundless energy enables her to pursue her teaching passion to a level most never approach. She is a well-prepared educator and isn’t easily upset if everything that happens isn’t as perfect as expected. Her material is well prepared, containing good humor with numerous examples that help one concentrate and learn in a relaxed atmosphere.

It is my opinion that Marjorie E. Brook is a “cutting edge” teacher that all may learn from her greatest potential yet to be fulfilled.”

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