Testimonial 2

Stacie T.

Franci and the staff at A Healing Trail, I have been in varying degrees of constant pain for the past 10 years. For the past 5 years massage, stretching and some chiropractic work has helped to make my life manageable. After yesterdays training session, I am sore in different places but my back is much looser/free […]

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Kathleen DeAngelo

Where to even begin! I was truly fortunate enough to be able to travel from Virginia to attend Marjorie’s STRAIT method foundation course at the beginning of February. The entire 3-day immersive experience was perfect from start to finish. Marjorie’s knowledge of scar tissue was on point and she made an extreme effort not only

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Excellent Class! Excellent Teacher! So eye opening about adhesions/scar tissue. Can’t wait to take the Stretching class!

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Camille Tamborski

I have been a NYS licensed massage therapist for over 4 years now. Since my brief introduction to scar therapy back in school, I awaited the time and scheduling ability to work with Marjorie Brook and learn her S.T.R.A.I.T. method for treatment of scars. Not only did I learn invaluable techniques, but I am privileged

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Not only important information, but presented in an entertaining way. Can’t wait to implement what I learned.

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Jenny Royer

Amazing classes! Marjorie is a fountain of knowledge. The lower body stretching totally changed my perception of what I’d been taught before and I can’t wait to take the upper body course!! I also highly recommend the scar-release – again, eye opening work! I love that she not only teaches how to change the body,

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Joanne Checchi

Just completed Marjorie’s training in DC this past weekend, without a doubt one of the most enjoyable and useful continuing ed experiences I’ve had in 20+ years of practice. Chock full of enlightening info about the formation of scar tissue and it’s tendency to grow through the proliferation of adhesions that form around it, and

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Lisa Thomson

As an LPN I found the information fascinating. Thank you for expanding my knowledge base and giving me more to work with on my clients. You are a great instructor and this is a great seminar! Thank you. DJA I completed the STRAIT method, Integrated Therapeutic Stretch and STRAIT Method Abdominal/Pelvic course with Marjorie in

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Marisel Clark

Just came back from my first STRAIT Method seminar, a Foundations course about scar tissue release. A lot happened in three days. Marjorie has a wealth of information to share that is both based on scientific evidence and her many years of experience. I came away with lots of new information, but also with a

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Below is a letter from one of the Volunteers in the Australia courses to his Physical Therapist who was on the course. He received scar work from the students of both classes and a neuro-muscular re-education session consisting of Integrated Therapeutic stretching and body mechanics training from me. Firstly, thank you for asking me to

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