The Strait Method™ Seminars – Foundations – Introduction to Scars, Adhesions & Fascia

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Date: April 11, 2024
Location: 47 Deer Lane, Wantagh, New York, 11793, United States

Date: June 6, 2024
Location: 47 Deer Lane, Wantagh, New York, 11793, United States

Date: September 13, 2024
Location: 47 Deer Lane, Wantagh, New York, 11793, United States

FOUNDATIONS: Introduction to Scars, Adhesions and Fascia (pre-requisite for all other levels) Receive solid training in the physiological and anatomical effects and principles of fascial restrictions, scar tissue and adhesions, the latest research on fascia and Biotensegrity, as well as the skills to apply the STRAIT Method™ in your private practice. What you will learn in this course:

  • The long- and short-term effects of scar tissue — from the physiological to the psychological
  • Which orthopedic and neurological factors to take into account when working with a new patient
  • Understand the wound healing process (normal and abnormal)
  • Identify/Recognize different types of physiological scars and understand their impact on the patient.
  • The indications and contraindications for Scar-Tissue Release Therapy relating to diseases, injuries, joint replacements, and aging factors
  • Introduction to Integrated Therapeutic Stretching
  • The art of effective client communication.
  • At the conclusion of the presentation, the participant should be able to:     List the problems/physiological/emotional issues affects of scar tissue on posture, circulation and range of motion. (Knowledge)   Differentiate between types of scar formation and the situations/probable cause occurrence. (Analysis)   Develop effective treatment and rehabilitative strategies for muscle strengthening and neuromuscular control for overall body stability and reconditioning. (Synthesis)   Recommend a self administered preventative & rehabilitation protocols for patients with facing and recovering from surgery/injury. (Evaluation)

Find out how to assess fascial restrictions throughout the body and how to breakdown scar tissue and adhesions — from superficial to deep fascia. Discover a detailed eight-step approach to manually releasing scar tissue and adhesions — including techniques for lengthening and increasing the lymphatic and venous circulation to the connecting tissues. This workshop will give you hands-on practice with different types of scar tissue. You’ll also be given instruction on how to utilize body mechanics that will support your clients and yourself in your work as a scar-tissue release therapist. Personal experience is essential to understanding the effectiveness of this technique — be prepared to give as well as receive a treatment.  

16/24  Continuing Education Units (CEU)

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