The Manuals

Flexibility First — A Fitness Approach for Life (for professional practitioners)

flexibility first professional stretching manuals by marjorie brook

These unique guides demonstrate how to achieve faster, longer-lasting therapeutic results by practicing effective stretching and strengthening techniques from the Active Isolated Stretching & Strengthening (AIS) school of thought.The perfect stretching guide, clear, concise and loaded with valuable information for Chiropractic, massage, or physical-therapy practitioner, athletic and personal trainers, each of the eight manuals is available for purchase from the Professional Flexibility Guides website at $17.95 per volume. Or save $39 and purchase the set for $97.You can also sign-up to receive 12 complimentary lessons complete with disorder and injury etiology, as well as instructions and stretching protocols.

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Flexibility First — A Fitness Approach for Life (patient edition)

flexibility first stretching manuals by marjorie brook

Think stretching is too time consuming? A waste of time? Tried it, but only got limited relief — or ended up in more discomfort than when you started?

Want to learn how to stretch easily, effectively, and effortlessly?

Yes? Then you’ll be delighted when you turn the pages of the richly illustrated, succinctly written Flexibility First manuals — designed to support you in your quest to restore enduring balance to your body, as quickly as possible.

The electronically delivered manual series comprises seven volumes — each available for purchase from the Flexibility Guides website for $9.95 a piece or $47 for the set.

Still not sure? Sign up for 12 lessons free of charge and see how simple it can be to alleviate your aches and pains and revitalize your body.

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The Videos

Integrated Therapeutic Stretching Videos

assisted                                             self
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This one-hour video demonstrates the proper techniques of Integrated Therapeutic Stretching™ (“ITS”) for the Cervical region.  ITS is a dynamic form of stretching that works in conjunction with the body’s natural composition and rhythm to properly engage the muscles joints ligaments and surrounding fascia.  This video course provides comprehensive easy-to-follow instructions for cervical stretching as well as targeted stretches that can be performed in multiple variations.  By learning to properly utilize ITS you as a practitioner will be able to effectively assist your clients in achieving the desired state of whole body balance. But you do not have to be a Therapist or trainer to learn.  There is a self stretchng video as well!

Join Marjorie Brook, LMT; internationally recognized instructor and therapists she reveals the exciting efficient and simple ITS range of motion stretching.  The many benefits of her ITS system include improvement of range of motion muscle efficiency release of tension reduction of stiffness and aches rehabilitation of injuries reduction of/relief from the affects of disease and disorders and improvement in all aspects of daily living. Marjorie’s ITS techniques have many benefits for both the client and the practitioner including:

  • Cueing and guiding clients in proper form and movement
  • Positioning clients for optimum efficiency while stretching
  • Re-establishing muscular balance with restored joint range of motion
  • Increasing stability through proprioception
  • The art of effective client communications to maximize your services
  • Utilizing proper body mechanics – for yourself and your clients
  • Effective and efficient neck stretches to release and rest the muscles relieve tension and aid in recovery of injury and disease.
  • Empowering your clients to help themselves through proper stretching.

Integrated Therapeutic Stretching Videos are great whether you are a Health/Fitness Provider or if you just want to learn how to stretch easily, effectively, and effortlessly.

Each downloadable videos are available for purchase $25
With Continuing Education Credit Test       $30

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In this lecture, Marjorie Brook explains what scar tissue is, and how it affects movement over a lifetime. She gives several examples of long-term effects, and tells the stories of success with those clients.

“Scar tissue and adhesions are the results of the body’s natural healing process, and it occurs both internally and externally. This process, if working correctly, should eliminate scar tissue and adhesions once the wound has healed, but in some cases, a person’s body does not break down the scar tissue. The adhered tissue continues to spread, which can trigger a cascading effect of compensations involving the kinetic chain throughout the body.” ~Marjorie Brook


Duration: 31 minutes; Transcript: 8 pages; Mp3 file size: 17 MBs


• Scar Tissue, Adhesions, & Fascia (1:40) • Examples & Causes (5:50) • Mastectomies & Chronic Postures (10:30) • Two Phases of Scar Tissue (13:30) • Psychosocial Considerations (16:15) • A Couple of Other Examples (21:55) • Scar Tissue in the Fitness Industry (26:30)

Price: $4.95

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Online Sessions

Can't make it to a seminar?

Book an online session with Marjorie

Skype Sessions

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Live one on one instructional sessions with Marjorie via Skype.

The Products

You've bought the manuals — what's next?

It's time to get geared up.

Each of the following products is designed for use during Integrated Therapeutic Stretching and Strengthening (ITS) sessions.

Stretching Straps

[add_to_cart item="SS" quantity="1"] stretching-straps

These stretching straps are high on quality. Made from nylon webbing—the kind used in harnesses for rock climbers—they’re soft, secure, and comfortable when wrapped around arms or ankles. The inch-wide stretching straps are versatile and allow for a multitude of wrapping positions for support and assistance with every stretch.

Choose between blue and green stretching straps.

Available in lengths of 9 or 12 feet.

Isolation Belts

[add_to_cart item="IB" quantity="1"] isolation belt

These two-inch wide isolation belts are made from heavyweight polypropylene, which means they’re highly durable and moisture resistant. Simply adjust the belt from the side-release buckle. The breaking strength varies depending on the belt, but ranges from 676 pounds all the way to 1,800 pounds.

Isolation Belt Pads

[add_to_cart item="IBP" quantity="1"] isolation belt pad

These isolation belt pads are used to enhance patient comfort when worn with an isolation belt.

Designed to avoid impeding a patient’s muscle movement, they’re held in place by a simple Velcro flap and can be easily adjusted or removed.

They’re also covered in a high-quality vinyl that lasts the distance.

Isolation Belt Pad Combo

[add_to_cart item="IBPC" quantity="1"] isolation belt

Purchase an isolation belt and pad together and receive five dollars off.

Hand Exercise Balls

[add_to_cart item="HEB" quantity="1"] hand exercise balls

If you suffer from arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome — or if you simply want to improve your dexterity and hand strength — these squeezable hand exercise balls are ideal for strengthening your finger and hand muscles.

Also suitable for patients recovering from a hand fracture or rehabilitating after a stroke.

Wrist Rollers

[add_to_cart item="WR" quantity="1"] wrist roller

Wrist Rollers are designed to build strength in wrist and forearms. Weights can be added to these wrist rollers for more resistance, if needed.

Evidence Based Apparel

man and woman in stretching attire

Evidence Based Apparel uses Patented Neuroband Technology and is strategically designed into athletic garments to encourage balance in muscles, bones, and joints.

Discount code Brookseminars10 gets you 10% off.

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Rock Tape

rock tape logo

The site features athletic apparel, educational and marketing materials, nutritional supplements, skin prep and pain relieving treatment, and rock tape.

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Emu Oil

wild rose emu ranch oil logo

Emu oil helps provide relief from pain and inflammation in injured joints and tissues.

The oil contains high levels of linolenic acid — an unsaturated fatty acid that temporarily eases joint pain — and oleic acid, which has a local, anti-inflammatory effect on the dermal tissues.

Anti-viral, anti-bacterial emu oil is also beneficial for healing burns, diminishing scarring, and improving the flexibility of skin after surgery.

Many medical specialists and professional sports teams are adopting the non-oily, odor-free oil into their treatment techniques.

Order Wild Rose Emu Oil today and receive 10% off your purchase when you mention “Brook Seminars.”

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