integrated therapeutic stretching for the neck self-stretching video
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Integrated Therapeutic Stretching Videos

Professional Assisted Video & Self Stretching Video

This one-hour video demonstrates the proper techniques of Integrated Therapeutic Stretching™ (I.T.S) for the Cervical region.  ITS is a dynamic form of stretching that works in conjunction with the body’s natural composition and rhythm to properly engage the muscles joints ligaments and surrounding fascia.  This video course provides comprehensive easy-to-follow instructions for cervical stretching as well as targeted stretches that can be performed in multiple variations.  By learning to properly utilize ITS you as a practitioner will be able to effectively assist your clients in achieving the desired state of whole body balance. But you do not have to be a Therapist or trainer to learn.  There is a self stretchng video as well!

Join Marjorie Brook, LMT; internationally recognized instructor and therapist, as she reveals the exciting efficient and simple ITS range of motion stretching.  The many benefits of her ITS system include improvement of range of motion muscle efficiency release of tension reduction of stiffness and aches rehabilitation of injuries reduction of/relief from the affects of disease and disorders and improvement in all aspects of daily living.

Marjorie’s ITS techniques have many benefits for both the client and the practitioner including:

  • Cueing and guiding clients in proper form and movement
  • Positioning clients for optimum efficiency while stretching
  • Re-establishing muscular balance with restored joint range of motion
  • Increasing stability through proprioception
  • The art of effective client communications to maximize your services
  • Utilizing proper body mechanics – for yourself and your clients
  • Effective and efficient neck stretches to release and rest the muscles relieve tension and aid in recovery of injury and disease.
  • Empowering your clients to help themselves through proper stretching.

Integrated Therapeutic Stretching™ (I.T.S) Videos are great whether you are a Health/Fitness Provider or if you just want to learn how to stretch easily, effectively, and effortlessly.

Each downloadable videos are available for purchase $25

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