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Date: August 19, 2024
Location: 47 Deer Lane, Wantagh, New York, 11793, United States


This course focuses on stretching the extremities: elbows to finger tips and knees to toes

Integrated Therapeutic Stretching Seminars

Find out more about the latest research on fascia — Biotensegrity, a new approach to understanding how our bodies work — and learn how to restore a patient’s overall wellness through physiological reeducation. This course is rooted in the principles of Integrated Therapeutic Stretching™, or ITS™ — an intricate, dynamic form of stretching based on the elemental actions of joints, ligaments, and muscles. The goal of ITS™ is to help the body become more efficient, thanks to an increased range of motion and the re-education of muscles. Once the muscles and surrounding fascia have been released using ITS, the body-mind complex needs to be re-trained to function in its renewed state. Discover how to assist a patient in becoming aware of these changes to their body mechanics, and find out the myriad ways the changes will manifest in their daily activities. 

What you will learn in this course:

  • The effects of fascia and its importance to our overall wellbeing
  • How to assess your client’s range of motion limitations
  • The right way to isolate and stretch individual muscles and fascial pathways
  • Re-establish muscular balance with restored joint range of motion
  • Increase stability through strength training
  • How these techniques can assist recovery from injury, disorders, and even disease
  • The art of effective client communication
  • How to empower your clients to stretch themselves
  • The correct way to utilize proper body mechanics — for you and your client

Integrated Therapeutic Stretching Seminars extremities

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