17 thoughts on “How to Heal and Treat C-Section Scars

  1. I have had pelvic, lower back and hip pain (dull and persistent like a tooth ache) at night for the past year that is severely disrupting my sleep. I have been to the GP, GYN (for ultrasound to check ovaries), Gastro (to check bowel obstruction) and 12 weeks of physical therapy. At this point there is no answer and I truly believe that the pain is originating from adhesions due to c-sections in 04 and 06. Massage of the exterior scar only irritates the skin. I believe the internal adhesions are the root of the problem. I’m in New Canaan, CT. Do you have a therapist near this area who could address this possibility?

  2. Have a numerous surgeries both laparoscopic and regular incision and have been told by the doctor that my under rib pain in from scar tissues. Also one of my surgeries they removed scar tissue from around my colon, my last surgery was in 2010. Would like to know if accupucture or massage therapy could disolve it. Also who in the southwest corner on Minnesota could help me.

    • Hello Nancy, Sorry I do not have anyone certified in Minnesota. You can look for a good visceral manipulation therapist or myofascial release therapist in your are they may be able to help.

  3. Hello,
    I am recovering from a c-section in April. i have already started massaging it however I am very interested in you method. I am located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Do you have anyone certified near me? Or do you have any seminars coming up in my area? I am kind of desperate for help as this is emotionally hard on me. Thank you in advance.

  4. I have had several surgeries to remove endometriosis which leads to more scar tissue. It’s becoming incredibly painful. Anyone you can recommend in Sarasota Bradenton Florida?

  5. I had an emergency c section 3 weeks ago and would like to get a massage early on to prevent complications later, do you have anyone in Orange County California?

    • There is tons that can be done Stephanie, however, I can not just give out blanket advice. I know nothing about your history or your current situation. If you would like to book a consult over the phone or come see me I would be more than happy to help.
      Health & Happiness,

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