Do’s & Don’ts of Healing Scar Tissue-Tip #1

Essential Oils or Vitamin E for Healing Scar Tissue

Whether it’s acne pockmarks, or the legacy of a burn, wound, or surgery, few of us like scars on our skin. And there’s no shortage of remedies that claim to make scars smaller, thinner, less noticeable and heal faster. From natural at-home remedies to mass-produced and mass-marketed products, we are flooded with options that claim to help with scars. In this series of blogs, I will shed some light on natural and medical scar treatments.

What Should You Do to Heal Scar Tissue?


download (5)Use Lavender essential oil to treat scars especially burns. Lavender is one of the best all-round essential oil, according to Shirley Price in her book “Aromatherapy for Women.” Lavender oil is gentle, inexpensive, and effective. Lavender essential oil can be used to treat acne, scars, and most skin conditions; it can be applied directly to the skin, in small quantities.

Lavender essential oil is a very effective antiseptic, antibacterial, and antimicrobial that reduces pain, itching and promotes rapid healing. In addition, lavender reduces scarring. When lavender oil is applied to a burn from the onset, the burn may heal with no scarring at all. (For larger burns, put lavender oil onto a gauze or cloth and apply to the burn every few hours.)

How to use it?
• Apply several drops (2-4) on location several times a day
• Directly inhale, diffuse, or
• May be used as a dietary supplement

Safety Considerations With Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender essential oil can sting a little when a wound is still fresh, but once it’s scabbed over and has started healing, lavender essential oil, applied topically, can help minimize scarring while it heals.

Lavender has a relaxation property, often used to fragrance products for bedtime, like lotions and satchels for bedrooms. WebMD warns that lavender essential oil can depress the central nervous system and cause drowsiness and sleepiness (especially good when used properly to treat insomnia and induce relaxation but dangerous when used for other properties and healing in which sleepiness is not the desired effect). You shouldn’t drive or do other dangerous things until you know how lavender will work for you.

History fact: A French scientist, René Gattefossé, was severely burned in a laboratory accident and immersed his hand in a vat of Lavender for two weeks. Gattefossé found that Lavender oil promoted tissue regeneration quickly and healed the wound with no scarring!


One of the most popular treatments for scarring is vitamin E.
But will vitamin E really help to improve your scar?

can_vitamin_e_h_photoVitamin E, or tocopherol, is a fat-soluble antioxidant. It’s found in capsule or liquid form at drugstores, grocery stores, health food stores, and online. The so called effective remedy consists of opening vitamin E capsules and applying the content on the scar. But this topical use of vitamin E does not result in scar healing.

Vitamin E has been shown to penetrate layers of the skin and reduce the formation of free radicals which can interfere with healing. Vitamin E also influences the production of collagen, a structural protein partially responsible for the strength and elasticity of the skin. Although many people apply vitamin E oil to their skin to minimize scars and it’s sometimes recommended by physicians after skin surgery, there’s very little evidence that shows it helps.

Vitamin E Research :
Current research does not support vitamin E oil to reduce scar formation.

A study on the effects of topical vitamin E on the cosmetic appearance of scars at the University of Miami that there is no benefit to the cosmetic outcome of scars by applying vitamin E after skin surgery and that the application of topical vitamin E may actually be detrimental to the cosmetic appearance of a scar. In 90% of the cases in this study, topical vitamin E either had no effect on or actually worsened, the cosmetic appearance of scars. Of the patients studied, 33% developed contact dermatitis to the vitamin E. Therefore it was concluded that the use of topical vitamin E on surgical wounds should be discouraged.

Research by K.C. Wan and J.H. Evans at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, published in 1999 issue of “Free Radical Biology & Medicine,” found higher amounts of free radicals in hypertrophic scars, which become thicker, redder, and more elevated than regular scars. Another study by T.L. Khoo at the Hospital Universiti Sains Malaysia, published in a 2010 issue of the “Journal of Plastic, Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery,” concluded that tocotrienols, a vitamin E subfamily, made no significant improvement in scar parameters. Also, a study conducted by Morganroth, Wilmot, and Miller in Philadelphia for a 2009 issue of the “Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology” determined that scar products containing vitamin E oil did not support usage for the reduction of postoperative scar formation.

Be on the lookout:

For specific ingredients found in commercial wound ointments and dressings.

Listed below are just a few ingredients present in store-bought wound products. Most of these products produce skin irritation, sensitization, and are linked to allergies, cancer, and/or immune suppression.

Here they are:
• Petrolatum
• Mineral Oil
• Propylene Glycol
• Butylated Hydroxytoluene (BHT)images (19)
• Benzalkonium Chloride
• Yellow #5; FD&C Blue #1
• DMDM Hydantoin

Even many of the natural ointments contain some of these ingredients. Make sure to read the labels and please, test the area for allergic reactions before applying anything to your skin!

Hope this helps with your scar healing.

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》A B O U T   M A R J O R I E   B R O O K

marjorie brook lmt author headshotMarjorie Brook, LMT is a massage therapist, author and international educator. For over 21 years, she has specialized in scar tissue release and massage therapy. She works from the fundamental belief that your body is intuitively aligned with the thoughts you think, the emotions that you feel and the things that you do. She founded Brooks Seminars in 2007 after working as a decade as a nationally recognized massage therapist with a private practice on Long Island. She is the creator of the Scar Tissue Release and Integrated Therapies (S.T.R.A.I.T Method™) and offers continuing education courses on this method all over the world. Her articles have appeared in magazines such as Massage Today, American Fitness and Massage World. She’s approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork, the Massage Therapy Association of Alberta and the College of Massage Therapists of British Columbia.

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  1. Vitamin E improves circulation and is essential for healthy skin. Fat-soluble vitamin E helps fight against cellulite because of its antioxidant properties. Vitamin E also helps the body in getting oxygen to your skin’s layers, allowing for the flushing of fat deposits that cause cellulite, says the Cellulite Treatment website. Vitamin E may be a leading ingredient in skin creams, but you can get it from a supplement or from foods such as salmon, olives and green, leafy vegetables. It does not work as a topical it is meant to help when you take it orally.

  2. I had a Bartholin Cyst removed 6 weeks ago & the tissue is inflamed & causing constant pain. Would you recommend Lavender oil applied directly to the tissue? Thank you!

    • Lavender oil can be applied a few drops at a time directly to the skin. But If you are going to cover a large area I would recommend putting a few drops in a carrier oil base fist.

  3. My granddaughter’s hand was severely burned when a pan of hot water tipped over while she was stirring maccaroni. It’s been a year. It’s still softly noticeable, and I know it bothers her. Will the lavendar help take away the scaring at this point? She is six.

  4. I had reconstructive breast surgery last year and am developing capsulary contracture. It’s only a grade 1 or 2. I’m looking for a way to treat it since it’s just really scar tissues forming tight bands around the implant. It is mild but I’d like to be proactive? Any recommendations.

    • Hello Amber, You should definitely find a massage therapist and have them start to work the tissue and show you how. It is also important that you add range of motion stretching for your thorasic ( chest and shoulders) region.

  5. A man at work just told me today about his daughter. She was born with a clef pallet and has always had issues with her ear(s). She has been losing her hearing and the doctors have said there is nothing more they can do to help her with her ears. It sounds like there is an issue with scar tissue from the surgeries as a child and the result of having tubes put in her ears many times. She is a teenager and will be looking into getting a hearing aid. I want to tell them about lavender oil, I am just not sure if this would help or not? Any thoughts?

  6. So Vitamin E won’t help at all? I recently had ankle reconstruction surgery and it left a huge scar. My mom is a pharmacist and has always been told that Vitamin E oil is best? Anything in addition to lavender oil that would help?

  7. how soon after surgery can i use lavender oil to aid healing and help the scar – its a one inch palm scar with 6 removable stitches, i am on day 5. thank you

  8. My sister is having foot surgery and wants to if 2 drops of lavender and at least a teaspoon is diffuser oil is emough, and how much lavender oil if you want to soak
    the foot?

  9. Hi Marjorie- hate to admit it, but I got a hickey a few weeks ago. in a panic mode, I did all the frozen spoon, coin, chapstick cap tricks known to get rid of it. unfortunately, I made it worse because since I did so much “scraping”, it left some sort of scrape/burn looking circle mark on my neck that still hasn’t healed. Will this eventually go away, and what can I do to help it heal? what was a hickey now remsembles a burn that looks like it came from a cigarette burn. my concern is that I now ended up giving myself a permanent scar. it is now going on 3 weeks, help! and thank you!

  10. Hi Marjorie. I had total thyroidectomy over 1 month ago. Above my scar is a hard lump and it feels like it is pushing on my trachea which gives me a choking feeling. From research I have done it sounds like it is scar tissue from surgery. If I put Lavender on my neck will it break up the tissue inside? Or is there a better oil to use?

    • Hi, Yes Lavender will help you can also look up Scar-B-Gone recipe if you orient mixing up your own potion! It really works!

      Health & Happiness,

  11. Hi Marjorie! I am olive skinned (Pakistani) I have tried various ways to get rid of my scarring on my face And back from mild acne. I Dont get it anymore because I shower with cold water to close pores and watch my diet. But it’s my scarring on my lower and upper back and my cheeks mainly. The acts on my face are pinky and the back ones are slightly darker. Would lavender oil work for me? I’m fed up and just want to try something that helps. It really k I’m a my confidence as a 17 year old. I don’t want to spend my teenge years worrying 🙁

  12. I have recently developed Dupuytren Contracture and have two nodules in the palm of my hand. All the research I have done refers to this as a type of scaring. I’m looking for something that might help reduce them and stop the contracting of my fingers. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

    • Hi Lou, One of the best ways to slow down the progression and even restore some of the flexibility is the Integrated Therapeutic Stretching. Where are you located? If you like just email me directly for more info.

    • I read the two posts regarding Dupuytren’s Contracture. Please tell me how the massage technique can help the fibrin nodules and cords, and any other suggestions that you have for this condition.
      Thank you so much

  13. Hi Marjorie – I am a young transgender man who is having top surgery in less than a week. I will be using silicone strips on my scars, but I really feel I need an extra layer of protection because I am Black and our skin is prone to keloiding. What would you recommend on large scars such as these? Would it be best to start applying lavender right away even before the incisions have closed up? Thanks

    • Hi Javi, Best thing to do is make up the following essential oil mix
      10 drops helichrysum
      6 drops lavender
      8 drops lemongrass
      4 drops patchouli
      5 drops myrrh
      1 ounce V-6 Massage oil or virgin coconut oil

      MIX IN THE ORDER GIVEN (VERY important!!!), rolling the bottle between your palms after adding each oil. Apply topically at least 3-4 times a day.

      Awesome for wound healing and to prevent scars form forming.
      Good Luck with the surgery I am sure all will go well!
      Health & Happiness,

  14. What is the best remedy for healing an abdominal scar? It’s about 12 inches long and one week old.

    Here are the top things I’ve learned so far and would really appreciate your advice. Silicone tape, raw honey, lavender oil, lemon oil, coconut oil, and cocoa butter. What do you think? What specific regimen would you recommend? Should I cover the scar after applying whatever topical solution? If so, with what?

    Thanks so much, I really appreciate it.

    • Hi Lynn,
      Never use the Silicone tape it is not natural to your body. The rest are all excellent remedies. You can also use the recipe for “Scar-B-Gone” (you do not need to use Young living oils) listed in the comment below. Gentle massage the oil in 3-4 times a day and give yourself time to heal. Always keep the wound clean & covered. Get a few Lymphatic massages and then after 10-12 weeks if the scar is feeling restrictive or forming badly then you can looking to treatment such as the STRAIT Method.

  15. My daughter was just burned on the 4th of july with a sparkler. I got YL lavender oil from a friend. Should I apply directly to burns? No more blisters

    • Hi Melissa,

      The Lavender by it self is great but please mix it with some vegtable oil or any base oil.
      Best thing to do is make up the following essential oil mix
      10 drops helichrysum
      6 drops lavender
      8 drops lemongrass
      4 drops patchouli
      5 drops myrrh
      1 ounce V-6 Massage oil or virgin coconut oil

      MIX IN THE ORDER GIVEN (VERY important!!!), rolling the bottle between your palms after adding each oil. Apply topically at least 3-4 times a day.

      Awesome for wound/burns healing and to prevent scars form forming.

  16. Do you have any recommendations for the following problem? Seven months ago a dermatologist injected restylane into my check area. Although I had this done before, this time I had a severe reaction. She has injected a product to dissolve the restylane but after 7 months I have a deep red spot on my cheek bone. She has lazered many times. I am prayerful that this redness will not be permanent. Any ideas about what oils might help? Thank you for your time and sharing your knowledge.

  17. 6 weeks ago husband split open his leg by bumping into a low shelving unit at a local store. ( His skin is very thin due to predestined use for many years). Stitches were out of the question. The wound is about 2″ X 1 1/2″ in diameter. We’ve finally reached the point where we’re opening it to the air. There’s still slight oozing but it’s finally crusting over. The constant stinging keeps him awake at night. I have lavender oil and fractionated coconut oil. Would that suffice to expedite healing and how should I apply? Also, should I still keep it covered at night?

    • HI Ellen,

      Always keep a wound covered at all times except when you are cleaning it. A wound does not need to breath. It is a hole in the aromor that protects the body. Yes the lavender & coconut oil will work I do recommend the mix listed in previous comments. great for wound healing!

  18. Also I need stretching exercise for nodules in palm of my hands from frigger finger surgery? Thank you so much for all your expertise knowledge. You are a blessing.Shalom!!!! God bless you.

    • The Lavender by it self is great but please mix it with some vegtable oil or any base oil.
      Best thing to do is make up the following essential oil mix
      10 drops helichrysum
      6 drops lavender
      8 drops lemongrass
      4 drops patchouli
      5 drops myrrh
      1 ounce V-6 Massage oil or virgin coconut oil

      MIX IN THE ORDER GIVEN (VERY important!!!), rolling the bottle between your palms after adding each oil. Apply topically at least 3-4 times a day.

  19. Hello, I am have 2 questions:
    1. I accidny burned my arm with a hair straightener 3 weeks ago. The burns are fading but still there. Should I use lavender oil on them now to help more with fading scars?
    2. I have mild cellulite on my bottom/ hips. Can I use lavender oil to help with my cellulite lines?
    Thank you!

    • Hi Chelsea,

      Stretch marks while considered a scar are just that over stretched tissue. No topical can really help- best is if you lose some weight the marks will be less apparent.

  20. My 12 year old has some keloid scarring from an accident in mid June. While she is getting cortisone injections from the dermatologist will the lavender help as well to minimize?

    • Keloid scars are non malignant tumors and while lavender can help keep the skin healthy I would recommend massaging the area or going to see a therapist trained in working with scars.

  21. Hi, what can I use for a lip area scar caused by a dog bite? The child is 5 years old. The stitches were removed about 4 weeks ago. I was told by one plastic surgeon not to use vitamin E.

    Thank you.

    • Your Doctor is correct never use Vit e on a healing wound. It slows down healing by up to 50%. you can use the following recipe or any one of the ingredients in a carrier oil base. please do not put any essential oil straight on to your child’s skin.
      Best thing to do is make up the following essential oil mix
      10 drops helichrysum
      6 drops lavender
      8 drops lemongrass
      4 drops patchouli
      5 drops myrrh
      1 ounce V-6 Massage oil or virgin coconut oil

      MIX IN THE ORDER GIVEN (VERY important!!!), rolling the bottle between your palms after adding each oil. Apply topically at least 3-4 times a day.

  22. Heartbroken to say, but my 18 year old self-harms. We are working on mental treatment, but I am trying to help her with physical healing as well because of the stigma associated and it bothers her greatly. She has scars, not super deep, more scratching and in places deeper where more pressure was applied, but they are repeated scars. Her scars are on one arm, wrist to shoulder and the upper thigh. Should I use your recipe listed above? Do you have any other recommendations/thoughts to promote healing?

  23. I just had a Face Lift. I used bagged Peas to help with swelling. I got FROST BITE. My cheeks are purple/black. Will these go away with time ? What can I do to help?

  24. I’m very hopeful for Dermalmd Scar Serum. I’ve been using it for a month and have had noticable results! I have terrible scarring due to a skin condition. I’m happy with its performance plan on continue treating my scars with it!

  25. Hi, I was hoping you could point me in the right direction. I just had surgery for an upper ventral hernia. I now have about a 5 inch incision above my belly button. I read that the best thing to reduce the appearance of a surgical scar was to take rose hip seed oil as a carrier oil, then add Arnica oil, seaweed extract, and tamanu oil. This would create a massage oil that I could apply daily. I’ve read up on the ingredients and they do have scar healing properties, but do you recommend this mix?

  26. Hi majorie, I had reconstructive foot and ankle surgery three weeks ago as well as having a ligament cut for muscle release. The incisions are now closed and stitches removed. My surgeon suggest that I massage the leg, foot and ankle to awaken the nerves and reduce stiffness as the foot heals. I’m non-weight barring for another four weeks and have to wear my cam boot during the day. It comes off at night for healing. Would you enlighten me on the benefits of using lavender or if it’s safe to use it at all yet?

    • Hi Ginger,

      I hope you are recovering well. Yes you can use lavender now. Lavender essential oil has many wonderful uses. One of the best known healing oils, lavender oil has a chemically complex structure with over 150 active constituents, which explains its effectiveness at helping one to heal. Lavender oil has a well documented history of effectively treating burns and scalds. It’s pain relieving properties, combined with its antibacterial and antiseptic properties make it an effective wound treatment that stimulates the cells of a wound to regenerate more quickly, and prevent scarring. It is useful for treating headaches, insomnia, fever blisters, acne, anxiety, stress, and depression.

  27. Hi, i had a dermapen/ microneedling session done 5 weeks ago and now i have feelings of stretch, heaviness on my face near my ears and jaw area. Sometimes my ears feel blocked and then they open on their own when i massage my face. Please suggest some remedy. Thanks and regards.

  28. Thanks for the reply Marjorie. I have done that already. Anything else to reduce the stretch that you could suggest? Thanks and regards.

  29. Hello Marjorie. I just had upper eyelid surgery 12 days ago. I know my incision and eyelids still have much more healing to do. My concern is a knot has formed at the outer edge of incision on both eyes. One eye is drooping from the swelling I hope. I’m not sure if the knots are small cysts or scar tissue. Milia has also formed along the incision and I have webbing from the stitches. Just wondering what you recommend I do? Warm compress along with massage using lavender of course with a carrier oil? Thanks so much!!

    • Hi Jodi,
      you just had the surgery so the healing process is and will be going on for a while. The compress w/lavender or the recipe you can see in other posts will be great

  30. Hi,
    I have got few pockmarks on my face due to chickenpox and due to acne. i have been applying vitamin e oil. Is there anything else which will help?


    • Hi Sam,

      Vit E is not really going to help and if they are fresh will more likely hinder the healing process.
      Best thing to do is make up the following essential oil mix
      10 drops helichrysum
      6 drops lavender
      8 drops lemongrass
      4 drops patchouli
      5 drops myrrh
      1 ounce V-6 Massage oil or virgin coconut oil

      MIX IN THE ORDER GIVEN (VERY important!!!), rolling the bottle between your palms after adding each oil. Apply topically at least 3-4 times a day.

    • Thank you for being my own coach on this theme. My partner and i enjoyed your article very much and most of all favored the way you handled the issues I thought to be corevontrsial. You happen to be always incredibly kind towards readers like me and assist me in my life. Thank you.

  31. Hi Marjorie,
    Can i just apply lavender oil in the scars instead of the entire recipe,kind of difficult to buy all of it together.And the chickenpox pockmarks are a decade old scars, will it remove even those?


  32. Hi Marjorie,
    Can I just apply the lavender oil directly on my pockmarks or should I mix it with a carrier oil.I have read few reviews and there are mixed opinions.


  33. hi Marjorie is rose oil effective when you have tendons with fibrosis
    that have thickened after the inflammation phase
    some ppl say bio-oil is effective what about Rose oil ?

  34. Hi Marjorie, I have surface and third degree (hypertrophic) burn scars that are several years old on my arm. Would lavender oil help to reduce the scar tissue, or fade the scars? I am open to suggestions. Thank you.

    • Hi Angela, yes it will help and if you are into mixes of essential oil scroll down and look for the recipe I have given out several times. If you would be interested in therapy for the scars just give me a call 516-409-1240

  35. Would the lavender essential be good for breast reduction scars? If not does anyone know any oils that may help post op scarring?

  36. Hi marjorie,

    Have you heard about bio-oil?would it be effective for burn scar as well? I accidentally pour a hot boiling water on my leg two weeks ago. It does not blister but it leaves very dark discolouration as I have very fair skin. Will it be recovered? I am very worried about that because it burns almost half of my leg. Thank you.

  37. My 11 month old son sustained 3rd degree burns on his forehead and the palms of his hands on 2/20/16. He has had two surgeries to have skin grafts at Shriners Children’s hospital. His hands have to be stretched and massaged multiple times a day….the hospital gave us Hydropher and Hydrocerin ointments BOTH contain Petrolatum, Mineral Oil, and some of the other products listed in your article. I am not happy with using thes products and especially long term because of the links to allergies, cancers, etc. I have just started utilizing EOs (doTerra) at home and have lavender oil. What would you suggest for helping to treat my son? Thank you so much for your assistance.

    • My 11 month old son sustained 3rd degree burns on his forehead and the palms of his hands on 2/20/16. He has had two surgeries to have skin grafts at Shriners Children’s hospital. His hands have to be stretched and massaged multiple times a day….the hospital gave us Hydropher and Hydrocerin ointments BOTH contain Petrolatum, Mineral Oil, and some of the other products listed in your article. I am not happy with using these products and especially long term because of the links to allergies, cancers, etc. I have just started utilizing EOs (doTerra) at home and have lavender oil. What would you suggest for helping to treat my son? Specifically on the use and application of LO and for any massage / stretching techniques? Thank you so much for your assistance.

      • Hello Saedra, I am so sorry to hear about your son’s accident. Best oil resceipe is the following essential oil mix
        10 drops helichrysum
        6 drops lavender
        8 drops lemongrass
        4 drops patchouli
        5 drops myrrh
        1 ounce V-6 Massage oil or virgin coconut oil

        Slow range of motion stretching with 2 second holds is also a must. Where are you located? Let’s find a qualified therapist for you.

        Health & Happiness,

        MIX IN THE ORDER GIVEN (VERY important!!!), rolling the bottle between your palms after adding each oil. Apply topically at least 3-4 times a day.

        • Thank you Majorie. I’m located in Redding California in the USA. Would love to meet up with a STRAIT therapist, just not so sure one would be readily available in this area.
          I’m concerned about the use of all of these oils on my son. I have read about the safety precautions with using certain oils on young toddlers. But I understand that Lavender is a calm/safe oil on little ones. Would using just Lavender oil be ok with a carrier?

        • Hi

          My daughter who is 15 months old has second degrees water burns on her leg.she even got skin graft surgery as some burns were sever.I see the essential oil mixture you suggested above..again as the other mom said I am scared to try on my little one…I would definetly be interested to see the therapist..I would also like to know what the therapist would say or suggest it more of how to use the essential oils? I stay in central New Jersey and thanks much for the helpful information you provided

          • Hi marjorie,

            I tried reaching the number you provide.i couldn’t get in contact with any one….please confirm if I can use the essential oil blend recepie you provided above for my little one…

            Thanks again for all the support and timely response

  38. I had open heart surgery 3 months ago and would like to know what is the best oil for surgical incision scar. I noticed you recommend Lavender Oil for burn scars, but unclear if this is also best for surgical scar. Thank you

  39. Have a two year old circular scar on side of nose from basal cell carcinoma removal. It has healed well and completely flat, but the scar round the top edge particularly, is a pale pink and visible. Would the oil mixture you mention be of benefit at this advanced stage?

  40. Hi! I had skin cancer squamous celll removed and have 11 stitches on my forehead. Stitches come out tomorrow. I ordered Frankincense, helichrysum, and lavender. I’ve never used essentials and I feel they would be the most beneficial in the healing process. Is there a recipe/and or carrier oil I should use or should I just apply the oil directly to the wound?
    Thank you:)

    • Hello Melissa, Lavender is the only essential oil you can put directly on your skin. You should always use a carrier oil. There are many recipes out there this is the one I prefer
      10 drops helichrysum
      6 drops lavender
      8 drops lemongrass
      4 drops patchouli
      5 drops myrrh
      1 ounce V-6 Massage oil or virgin coconut oil
      MIX IN THE ORDER GIVEN , rolling the bottle between your palms after adding each oil. Apply topically at least 3-4 times a day.

  41. Hi Marjorie,

    I have dealt with skin problems my whole life. Whenever skin is broken it results in a huge scab followed by deep red scarring – even the littlest scratch causes this. I constantly am battling with scars and have tried so many remedies. Would lavender help this? I can send you pictures if you want to see what I am talking about. Thank you!

  42. Over the past eight months I’ve been going through breast reconstructive surgery after mastectomy. I recently found out the benefits of using both frankincense and lavender essential oils for scar reduction as well as immune builders. I started using Young Living essential oils to aid in healing my scars. After reading through the comments above I’m concerned about the methods I’ve been using the past month. I purchased rollers and have been applying both oils directly to the scars. The reduction in redness and scar tissue has been amazing. Should I continue or use your scar recipe? Thank you in advance for your advice.

    • Both of those oils are fine proved you are not going through raidation at the moment. No oils should be used topically during radiation and never ever should you take any essential oil orally. ALso please make sure you are using a carrier oil for the frankinsene.

    • Thank you. No radiation or chemo. So do not apply frankincense directly to skin with roller as I have been doing? How much oil to coconut oil?

    • I’m impressed, I must say. Truly rarely need to i encounter a weblog th¢‚¢aât¬â„Ãs both educative and entertaining, and let me let you know, you’ve hit the nail within the head. Your thought is outstanding; the pain is a thing that inadequate individuals are speaking intelligently about. We are very happy we stumbled across this at my search for something with this.

  43. I have had 4 colectomy surgeries since 2008. Each time they remove another piece of my colon the anastamosas narrows and grows shut with scar tissue and I end up with another bowel blockage. Is there any way to keep the scar tissue inside the colon from forming where they reattach the two pieces? I have a lot of abdominal adhesions also from the repeated surgeries. I once had hope that essential oils could help, but how would that work when it’s inside my colon? And if the scar tissue dissolves, would the colon hold together? Or would it fall apart as the scar tissue dissolves? Thank you.

    • So sorry for all that you are going through. No essential oils will not help the issue. You can look for a visceral manipulation therapists. whether or not the scar tissue is solely holding the sections together would have to be determined by an MRI.

  44. Covered in no see um bites (midges). It is said that they’ll leave scars. About 400! Need something that can spread over body easily. They are just starting to scab. 8 days in, doctor put me on steroids. 2 days to go. I look like I have the measles 🙁
    I have jojoba, Frank, myrrh, sandalwood, lavender, cedarwood, e,rosehip oil, coconut and many others. Made a blend with e,then read not to? Please advise, many thanks!

  45. I have a keloid on the bottom of my belly piercing do you think the lavender oil will work? And I suffer from bad acne & acne scars… Do you also think the lavender oil will work? Please help! -Lucy

    • Yes it can help you can also use this recipe
      10 drops helichrysum
      6 drops lavender
      8 drops lemongrass
      4 drops patchouli
      5 drops myrrh
      1 ounce virgin coconut oil

      MIX IN THE ORDER GIVEN (VERY important!!!), rolling the bottle between your palms after adding each oil. Apply topically at least 3-4 times a day.

  46. My daughter fell and cut her chin resulting in three stitches. It has now been one year. It is white and puffy now. Will essential oils help a scar this old?

  47. Wow! What a wealth of information. I have a three month old hip replacement scar which has healed nicely. It has started itching and is dry. I have massaged it and used a moisturizer after it closed up. I use lavender for everything else and thought about it for this. Upon reading the questions/answers there is no reason not to! I even had a severe sunburn on my tummy from an unbeknownst bathing suit top that slightly malfunctioned. ? My stomach hasn’t seen the sun in years!! After 3/4 applications a day, that horrible sunburn turned tan and quit stinging after the first application. Amazing. So I say “thank you” for your site. So glad I “stumbled” across it!

  48. I had knee replacement 6 wks. ago scar is 6 inches long what is the oil to reduce this scar.
    thank you

    • Hi Phillip.

      Lavendar by it self is great or you can use this recipe
      10 drops helichrysum
      6 drops lavender
      8 drops lemongrass
      4 drops patchouli
      5 drops myrrh
      1 ounce virgin coconut oil

      MIX IN THE ORDER GIVEN (VERY important!!!), rolling the bottle between your palms after adding each oil. Apply topically at least 3-4 times a day.

  49. Dear god I need help! I had smartlipo on my jawline and neck 3 years ago.
    The results of the neck are fantastic but my chin to ears are riddled with internal scar tissue. I’ve seen massage therapists which did nothing. My plastic surgeon recommends more procedures of course.
    I have been reading extensively about massage to level out the scar lumps and bumps under the skin. When I try to massage and “level” out the scar tissue I get huge red scabs the day after as well as swelling.
    Is this normal? What could I be doing better? Please help, I feel botched.

  50. Marjorie can you please explain why it is important to mix the oils in the order given. I am beginning my journey with essential oils and have never been told it’s important to mix them in a certain order.

  51. Hi marjorie, I just had a spinal fusion surgery one week ago which left me with a 8 inch scar down the center of my lower back, I have a Suri strip patch on it now which is starting to come off, what should I put on this to help it heal and lessen the scar and how long should I wait post surgery to begin use , I was going to use vitamin E oil but I see you say not to use it I’m just curious I see a lot of your posts say not to use vitamin E oil, what uses is vitamin E oil used for

  52. I had breast reduction surgery 4mos ago nd I have internal scar tissue/lump on the lower part where incisions Where made….right where the bra wire is at the outer corner of my breast on both breast. It’s painful m really itches. I’ve used warm compress, Neosporin, coco butter, scar tissue tape strips nd nothing is working. It’s so bad I can’t even wear wire bra’s bcuz it adds to the pain,it seems no bra is ever comfortable. Any suggestions? Will the lumps /scar tissue ever go away?

  53. Hello,
    I have Lichen Sclerosus, which has given me clitoral adhedsions, is there any thing that will help the skin reopen ?It is scar tissue. Hoping you can help me, because the doctors want me to continue taking high potency steroids (Clobetasol) for the rest of my life.

  54. My 15 months old baby had a second degree hot water burn a week ago, the skin came off on 2 fingers and the entire chest area. We’ve been using Silverol so far to treat the burn and help it stay uninfected. The burn is now drying up. I’m wondering when would be a good time to switch to lavender oil? Should we use it undiluted or should we dilute it in something (olive oil?) and in what proportions? Thank you very much!

  55. I have closed comedone bumps on my chin and I believe scat bumps from past cystic acne and squeezing the bumps.

    What could I used to flatten or even out the bumps

  56. What is the best carrier oil to add essential to prevent old and new scars? Some say shea butter, coconut oil, Tamanu oil, Emu oil and castor oil. Which would be the absolute best for fast healing?

  57. You have posted a recipe repeatedly for those who have asked about healing and repIrs for scars. THE SCAR B GONE recipe. I was wondering where i can order it or who has the recipe that you have posted, that sells it . I looked at several essential oils sites and many individual oils are estremely expensive for just an individual oil. Most of us don not have 100 dollars to spend on just an ounce. Thank you in advance.

  58. my daughter was born with spina bifida and her scar from the repair on her lower back is semi visible. She also has some scar tissue on the inside. What sometimes causes a tethered cord What would be the best essential oils (mixture) to help heal her outer scar and possible bring healing to the inner scar tissue. She is 4 years old.

  59. Hi,
    I just had my thyroid partially removed 7 days ago.
    How soon can I put the lavender essential oil on the wound?
    Do I need to use a carrier oil for this application?

    • You can use it right away. Lavender is the one essential oil that you do not need a carrier oil for. However look below for the oil mix receipe I have recommended to others.

  60. Hello. I am new to the essential oils but have a few. I had anterior hip replacement and I have read your recipe to use….I have a few of the oils but not all. My scars that I am worried about are the internal scar tissue on the hip area. I am a bit vane and am distressed at how my hips look. They just seem to feel and look like an extra handful of fat jutting out to the side, more on one side than the other (I had both done, one in October and the other in December). I am healing fine and most days walking 6 miles a day plus stretching exercises on the floor. I have been massaging the area and when on the floor, rubbing the area into the carpet hoping to break up the fibrous tissue. I can feel the hardness when I do this. Is there anything to use to break up the internal scaring? Thank you. Karen

  61. Post surgery hip scar, which has healed nicely ,but still have adhesive strip 4 weeks on, can’t wait to try the lavender oil, as not driving yet, will use straight lavender oil without carrier ,until I can get ingredients for recipe,
    Can lavender oil be used on your face as a treatment for mature skin and wrinkles?

  62. I had eyelid surgery 3 weeks ago, but the swelling and discolouration are not easing. Are there oils that I can massage onto my eyelids that will promote healing.

    • Hi Esther,
      This is the best recipe to use
      10 drops helichrysum
      6 drops lavender
      8 drops lemongrass
      4 drops patchouli
      5 drops myrrh
      1 ounce Massage oil or virgin coconut oil

  63. I have just gone through 2 months of Pityriasis Rosea. They are no longer red and itching – now turning brown, flat with a very slight rise and feel like parchment to the touch. I have about 100 spots on my back, trunk, arms and legs. Very unsightly. Can I use the SCAR BE GONE essential oil receipe you have so kindly shared? Will it work for preventing scaring from PR? Thank you!

  64. I have a going down from my bellybutton a long vertical scar going right to the top of my pubic area which is the result from an surgery wound not healing after a complete hysterectomy hysterectomy due to cancer I’m trying to get the skin to soften because the skin is hard and it kind of hurts what would you recommend thank you

  65. Hi,

    I had left ankle surgery about 7 weeks before. Surgical wound is closed now. It has a big scar area with some red dots here and there. They could be possibly where the sutures were taken out. However the skin seems to be fragile all over and specially thin at the red dots. I am afraid for any skin tear.
    What should I apply on this to strengthen the skin? I am not worried about the scar but my worry is frail skin. Currently I just wash at shower and pat dry. I sometimes put eucerin.

    Thanks a lot for your help

  66. In Dec 2015 a hit and run driver ran over my right ankle/foot and had 4 stitches. Initially I was using a lot of the essential oils, directly on my wound – Lavender, Frankincense, Myrrh, Three Wise Men, Copaiba, Helichrysum. I used the oils directly on my skin. I also used Melucca Honey over the area. The medical staff also insisted I use Petrolatum over the area, so I complied. After a month, I started to develop skin allergy in the area, and then a couple months later, I developed a very large keloid scar. My skin has never had a tendency toward keloid scar in the past. Just a couple of days ago, the plastic surgeon removed half of the Keloid scar and after it heals the plan is to remove the other half. Do you have any recommendations for me as I heal from this recent surgery to remove the Keloid? There were no broken bones, just soft tissue damage.

  67. Hi! I got bit by a dog in the face the other night. I have two larger cuts on my nose and 14 stitches. I have been told to put maderma and vitamin e on it to prevent scarring. Would you recommend that or something else? And how soon can I start putting stuff on the wound, it happened almost 2 days ago.

    • HI Jasmine you can use the following recipe right away
      10 drops helichrysum
      6 drops lavender
      8 drops lemongrass
      4 drops patchouli
      5 drops myrrh
      1 ounce Massage oil or virgin coconut oil

      MIX IN THE ORDER GIVEN (VERY important!!!), rolling the bottle between your palms after adding each oil. Apply topically at least 3-4 times a day.

  68. I just had surgery in my toes to straighten them out…and recently had 19 stitches removed so I’m in the process of healing..all the wounds have closed and I’ve been using coconut oil every morning on them to help keep them moist from drying out so bad but I am very concerned about alot of scaring…what more can I do then what I’m doing now that would help speed up the healing process and for the scaring..I’m on day 15 today from my surgery date and will get the pins out on 6/6/17… please help!!

  69. Sorry for the message – specific questions: (1) Fiery white-hot heat 8 years into post-surgical healing below the external suture line of a very large incision. This is brand new in my life. Heat makes this worse. But I am trying to deliver carrier oil or some kind of massage oil (new at this) to the area. Which oil(s) would be most recommended? (My intention is to mix Kava Kava tincture with the oil because topical kava kava gets rid of all fiery heat, but it only lasts for 10 min and tends to evaporate quickly)

    (2) The anterior scar is the result of a non-min invasive insertion of titanium cage at the base of the spine along with rods into the pelvic girdle (surgery 2 to the area) Surgery 3 was to lyse the nerves in the base of the spine because a disc rupture burned the sciatic nerve and I guess the rest of the lumbar nerves glued together at L5-S1. There is no describing the steely muscle knots at the base of the spine, which seem to make life hell.

    (3) I am living on SSDI, have been struggling without medical care or support for this condition for years, now, and because my spouse lost his job must be very frugal about what to try.

    (4) Other specific things I have tried which do seem to help and am wondering which oils to try to combine and use in conjunction with passive stretching, super-heated rocks placed in muscle insertion points and trigger points.

    (5) DMSO out of the question – one drop of the stuff on my skin and I am in dry heaves almost gagging for hours on end. Would be happy to try black seed oil but because of expense and reaction to DMSO leery to – anyone having any nausea issues with the stuff when applied topically?

    (6) I happen to have a vial of Frankincense and have no idea how to put it to its highest use. Noticed that a drop of it over the scar instantly seemed to alleviate the fiery heat, but this is a tiny vial and the scar is at least 10 inches wide… and the internal contractures at least 6 inches distal from the wound in all directions. I would need a forest of Boswellia trees! heheh but I am just trying to make use of this vial of Frankincense and would appreciate some info.

    (7) Because of very low BP and very sensitive constitution, not to mention, budget, so far, the only carrier oil I invested in was Castor oil. That’s just because when you Google abdominal scarring, Castor Oil seems to be the only thing out there. But this is more of a devastation to joints as far away as the Hip Joint, is making life impossible… no position whatsoever of comfort… constant yanking and tugging on muscles… and the entire pelvic girdle ringed with steely knots of muscle.

    I live with tennis balls ringing the entire pelvis, front and back, which are held in place with a lumbar support band/brace.

    I also found luck with Serrapeptase in that it reduces the fiery sensations, but I have to be very conservative with the stuff — it can cause incredible ulcers for me. I would inject this stuff if I could!!! It’s that good… it’s also that hard on the GI tract if you have to take it at massive doses, like I seem to have to.

    Sorry for this massive message. You cannot imagine how grateful I am for any suggesion, advice or opportunity to get a few more functions out of this body… there being so much potential trapped here… buried under mounds of scar tissue and wounds.

    Every blessing unto all,

      10 drops helichrysum
      6 drops lavender
      8 drops lemongrass
      4 drops patchouli
      5 drops myrrh
      1 ounce Massage oil or virgin coconut oil

      MIX IN THE ORDER GIVEN (VERY important!!!), rolling the bottle between your palms after adding each oil. Apply topically at least 3-4 times a day.

  70. I had foot surgery one week ago today to correct bunion and hammer/crossover toe. Stitches come out in one more week and pins out in 2 more weeks. They have just instructed me to keep foot “clean and dry.” I noted you said cover all wounds, so i will cover with bandaids. Do i dare put fractionated coconut oil and or lavender oil or your scar b gone recipe on before the stitches come out? Thank you marjorie.

  71. I was bit by a dog 5/22/17 where my hand was basically degloved. I have split full and thick skin grafts on my hand. All stitches are removed and no more open wounds as of today. I want to use Manuka honey and I am a believer in the healing properties of essential oils and have irregularly been applying a blend of frankincense, lavender, Myrrh, basil, melaleuca, & sandalwood in fractionated coconut oil on my fingers near the graft site while it was healing. I was told to keep it moist with lotion covered with wraps until 7/21/17 once all open skin closed up. I am very leery of many lotions (horrid ingredients) surgeon told me to stay away from Vit E (like you stated) and aloe vera. I want to use a product by dōTERRA called Correct X. Any thoughts or other suggestions? I have all of most of dōTERRA’s essential oils so I can make any blend. I have many oils to blend with. Also, do you suggest to make blend in a bottle with dropper or a roller bottle.

    I guess I could also ask about the donor sites, my tushy had skin shaved for the top of my hand and my groin crease has an incision for thickness of palm. Tush is pretty much healed, just has dryness (been applying Correct X) and groin has been closed for more than 2 weeks, just needs scar treatment (have been using DōTERRA’s Immortelle with FCO).

    Thank you for any information you will give me. I’m also researching physical therapy on my own.

    • Hello Marianne, So sorry for your situation. Manuka Honey is the best healing agent you do not need a lotion if you are using that. Slather it on and wrap it up. All of the oils you are using are good you can also make this one up
      10 drops helichrysum
      6 drops lavender
      8 drops lemongrass
      4 drops patchouli
      5 drops myrrh
      1 ounce Massage oil or virgin coconut oil

      Definitely treat the donor sites as well.

      Let me know where you are and I can recommend a therapist to help you with your recovery.

      Health & Happiness,

  72. I had a total knee replacement in early April. My doctor and therapist are happy with my progress but the area around my knee is very tight and uncomfortable. I am fine as long as I am sitting with my leg elevated but when I stand/walk the tightness causes pain and the amount of time I can stand/walk is very limited.

    I have been told that muscle and ligaments are healing and that the scar tissue must be broken loose. Will the Scar B Gone recipe help with breaking down the internal scar tissue? If not, can you recommend an essential oil(s) that might help with that? I have read Australian Blue is good for breaking up internal scarring. Is that true?

    I am very frustrated with my progress as it is difficult to get back to a normal lifestyle.

    Thank you for any suggestions.

  73. I just had mohs surgery on my nostril 1 week ago and then had a skin graft done on this past Wednesday. They tell me to keep it moist with either patrolium or Auqua4. Before my surgery I was using g a mixture of Frankense jojoba and virgin coconut oils. Is that safe to use now and if so is lavender better?

  74. Hello, I have a few different questions regarding scar removal. First off, what is your best advice for removing acne scars on the face? Do I need to use coconut oil with it? Also, I am a BioLife donor to save lives. My scar is getting kinda large and it looks like a drug track mark. Do you have any suggestion for removal of this scar? And most importantly, how long will it be before I can see any improvements in the scar tissue?

  75. My friend had knee surgery about 1 year ago. He is still having a lot of pain. The Dr. told him it was from scar tissue. What will work on deep scar tissue? The Dr. told him to keep walking on it and in about 1 year it would be better. 🙁

  76. I have a lip scar on my bottom lip that happened about 10 years ago when I cracked my front tooth. I didn’t get stitches at the time of the incident, now the scar has appeared right in the middle of my lip as a raised bump. I was putting vitamin E oil on it to help disguise its appearance, but that didn’t really help. Do you know any essential oil that could help the tissue soften?

  77. Hello and thank you for all of the wonderful advice I’ve previously read to your responses to previous readers. I am 4 week’s post op from a breast reduction and the scabbing is almost over. I have the “expected” firmness and darkness /scarring at my surgical sites. I notice you highly recommend lavender oil, however it aggregates my Asthma. Is their another essential oil you recommend using alone, other than the Scar -Be Gone recipe?
    Thank you and God bless

  78. Hi
    I just had Mohs surgery on my lower lip, now 6 days post. Of course the derm folks have been rec Aquaphor which is petrolatum-based.I’ve been using straight coconut oil directly on the area The area doesnt look like it is healing the way I would like but I think it’s from a rxn to the stitches which come out tomorrow I’m a big EO believer but am leary to put lavender directly on wound Can your scar b gone recipe be safely applied to this area? Thanks

  79. Hello, I had a keloid removed from my jawline and just had sutures removed. What can I use for possible scarring and discoloration? I’m African American if that helps in treatment.

  80. My husband has really hard scar tissue in the palm of his hand from a cut several years ago. Will the Scar b gone recipe help? Also I have read that Australian Blue Essential oil will help, have you had any experience with that oil and scar tissue?

  81. My sister has had part of her colon removed and sewed back together about a year ago. Now she is in hospital again because where they sewed the colon parts back together she has Bad scar tissue and ended up with a blockage. She doesn’t have a lot of money to buy a ton of essential oils.but she does have Lavender and peppermint tea tree. can these oils help with her problem . The Dr. told her she was going have to deal with it the rest of her life because its going to keep happening.

    • Hello Wanda,

      My recommendation would be for your sister to find a local Visceral Manipulation therapist. He/She would have the appropriate training to assist her.

      Health & Happiness,

  82. Would lavender oil or Helichrysum help with post immflamatory from a fresh burn. Skin is lighter. Wondering if it would help stimulate the melanin

  83. Hi, my daughter had chicken pox 4 weeks ago (first spot appeared 4 weeks ago). She had a lot of large spots on her face. None were infected and she didn’t scratch them but she has been left with many red indents on her face. She’s almost 3 and i’m desperate for these to improve. Can you please offer me any reassurance and advice? We have been using rosehip oil twice a day. Would you say this is the right thing to do? Thanks.

  84. Would lavender oil help to remove scars from repeated shaving ? Sometimes my shaving scars end up with strawberry heads and reddish bumbs.. it ended up with scars most times

  85. Three years ago my son was burned over 90% of his body he is soon to be aging out of his treatment hospital. He has been using Hydrophor with Bio-oil mix in it everyday to “lube” himself done. Now these items will no longer be provided and we are looking into something to replace it, large quantity. I have use coconut oil in the past. what would you recommend that I can get or make up in large batches, that is not going to break the bank.

  86. Hi Marjorie,

    I broke my clavicle and had surgery to fix it about 3 weeks ago.
    I have a 4 inch scar and what seems like internal bruising : since the skin isn’t purple but touching the area feels like it’s bruised.
    So far I’ve used Emu oil since the steri-strips came off. The Emu oil seemed to help get rid of the scab after it formed, but that’s about it. Right now the inscision area looks quite raw and I think it’s going to start forming a scar.
    Would the mix of oils you suggested work for the scar and the internal bruising – or should I use only the lavender ?

    • Hi Katherine, It can take up to 18n months for a wound to fully heal internally. Emu oil works great but I find the recipe posted in other question replies works the best.

  87. Marjorie, Hi there!
    I don’t know what prompted me to do it, but I added plain white vinegar to my hot castor oil pack, which was really at that time a hot wet face cloth slathered in castor oil and a few essentials. I wish I had real Frankincense that’s excellent.

    Anyway, I noticed a dramatic difference in the softening when the vinegar was added.

    I should note this is for a mythologically large scar that occupied the majority of the left side of my neck, shoulder and trunk for the last 40 years. Yea, I’ll probably write a book, etc. LOL

    Seriously though, Those two things combined, it seemed like the vinegar made the skin more permeable and carried the oil through. I suspect that’s how meat is tenderized too! I wonder if beer and castor oil or any other fermented drink, etc added to the oil would do the same.

    I’d love to hear if anyone tries it, what they find!

  88. Hi Majorie
    I just had a bunion plasticity surgery on my foot its been three weeks now and I’m looking for something to rub on the scars to make them disappear. I have always used vitamin E capsule oil on scars and it helped but after reading your comments that it is no good can you suggest something better to rub on the scars to promote faster healing and prevention of scars

  89. My dad flogged me with a wire that still had that iron stuff in it.It gave me a wound,it healed but d scar is still there fresh.its still hurt inside oh.Should I apply lavender oil directly

  90. pls I had an accident 13yrs ago but ave being using different recipe after d healing to remove the scars but the scars are still there pls can I use lavendar oil

  91. Hi
    I just had arm lift surgery 2 weeks ago and the surgeon did not suggest anything to use for the scar. any suggestions would be grately appreciated. Thank you.

  92. helichrysum is known to increase allergies and it seems to do that with me. is there any way i can substitute sage, frankincense and rose hip seed oil into the mix you suggest? you say the order of mixing matters, so i wouldn’t know the order or the amount of each to use. is there a resource/ guide you would suggest on mixing EOs?

  93. Hi there. My son who’s 4.5 years old and myself who’s 28 years of age recently came down with chicken pox (I never got them as a child).
    We both have accidentally rubbed one scab off our faces and now we have a slight indent which I am worried will leave a scar on our faces.
    I have a few other scabs which I refuse to touch because I don’t want to scar my face!
    Please please can you tell me what I can put onto our mark to reduce the scar and is there anything I can use to actually apply onto my scabs so when they do eventually fall off, they won’t scar at all?

    I’m desperate to know as the thought of scarring my face and my sons is really affecting me. Especially for me because I am an adult and my skin is old in comparison to my sons so I know that healing and scarring will be worst on me.

    I’ve read that rosehip oil/rosehip seed oil (not sure which one is better) is supposed to be really effective in reducing scars, aloe Vera oil/gel as well, lavender, bio-oil, erm….. lemon juice/lemon oil.

    But please tell me what is best and what to do. I don’t want scars on my face nor my sons face!!!!

  94. Hi, I recently found a lump on one of my breasts and went to my ob/gyn to have it checked out. She insisted that I have a mammogram and ultrasound. The lump was not cancerous, but the smashing of my breasts from the mammogram has caused a great deal of scar tissue and possibly capsular contracture around my breast implants. What essential oils would you suggest I try using?

    • Best thing to do is find a scar tissue therapists in your area and have them show yo how to work the tissue of your breast. Also you can make up the following essential oil mix
      10 drops helichrysum
      6 drops lavender
      8 drops lemongrass
      4 drops patchouli
      5 drops myrrh
      1 ounce Massage oil or virgin coconut oil

      MIX IN THE ORDER GIVEN (VERY important!!!), rolling the bottle between your palms after adding each oil. Apply topically at least 3-4 times a day.

  95. Hi. Thanks for providing all of this helpful information. I recently had parathyroid surgery and I now have a prominent 2 inch scar on my neck which feels like it’s becoming a keloid scar. I plan to use the scar b-gone formulation but I’m wondering what kind of massage oil to use with it. I am sensitive to coconut oil (and v-6 has coconut in it). Can I use Rosehip oil since it is supposed to be so great for the skin or do I need something more neutral? Thank you so much.

  96. Hello, My 16 month old has just had a skin graft to part of the back of her hand 13 days ago. I have been told to moisturise it 4-5 days. I am looking for something more natural. Is there anything you recommend?

    • Best thing to do is find a scar tissue therapists in your area and have them show you how to work the tissue. Also you can make up the following essential oil mix
      10 drops helichrysum
      6 drops lavender
      8 drops lemongrass
      4 drops patchouli
      5 drops myrrh
      1 ounce Massage oil or virgin coconut oil

      MIX IN THE ORDER GIVEN (VERY important!!!), rolling the bottle between your palms after adding each oil. Apply topically at least 3-4 times a day.

  97. Hi Marjorie
    I had a c-section about 17 months ago. My scar has healed really well and the line is barely noticeable. However, would your scar be gone recipe still aid healing 17 months after the event?
    Also, I massage the area twice a day but I have noticed a raised area directly above the line/scar which looks like swelling under the skin. I have read online that this swelling is due to the layers of fat being cut and thus fat gathers above the scar. Do you think this is the case or could it be scar tissue? The area doesn’t feel tight and I am in no pain. The swelling tends to be worse at the end of the day than on a morning which is strange. Any ideas? Thank you

    • Hi Amy,

      I can not answer your questions without seeing you. Anyone willing to answer such questions via email or message is not someone you should be asking in the first place. Please make an appointment wit a therapists and take let him/her advise you.

  98. I have scars from ingrown hairs that turn blue when cold will lavender oil help with this and do I apply straight from the bottle thank you

  99. Hi Marjorie,

    I had a total/complete thyroidectomy and I’m 2 weeks post-op. Can I mix Lavender Essential Oil with 100% Pure & Organic Sweet Almond Oil as a base? I read that Sweet Almond oil is rich in Vitamin E, will that affect my scar healing? Also, what about Tamanu Oil, is that good for scar as well? Please advise, thank you.

    • Mika, You can use any base oil you prefer although I am not a fan of Vit E topically. I am not familiar with Tamanu Oil.

  100. Hi Marjorie

    I have mixed the scar be gone recipe but the coconut old causes the mixture to be solid until it’s warmed up slightly. Is there an alternative base oil to use that doesn’t harden when cooled? Or is coconut oil the best base oil for this mixture?

    Thank you

  101. Hi, I had a melanoma removed from my chin 11 days ago, the incision is over 3″ long. I’ve kept vaseline over it per the doctor’s instructions and stitches come out in a couple of days. Is straight lavender oil the best thing to use while massaging the scar daily? How often and how long would I do this each day? A friend just told me about lavender oil earlier today and somehow I stumbled upon your page looking it up!

    • As mentioned in other responses Lavendar on it’s own is great. There are several essential oils that help with scarring. Light massage on a daily basis is great – never having seen you I can not make any further recommendations.

      • Hi Marjorie

        Hi have been using the scar be gone formula for a while now and recently broke out in a red lumpy rash – I stopped using the scar be gone for a couple of weeks and the rash was beginning to fade so I reintroduced they formula again and the rash is red and angry again. Have you come across this before? I wonder what essential oil is causing it. Thank you

        • Aimie, You maybe allergic to one or more of the ingredients. Either try them one at a time or use a different oil all together,

    • Essential oils do not change the color of scars but as they help the tissue heal the blocking of proper circulation is improved which reduces the red appearance. Yes you can use both.

  102. Hi,I have some cut on my abdomen few years ago and it leaves some scars on my abdomen,can I use lavender essential oil to reduce the scar?

  103. Hi Marjorie
    My 4yr old fell on Saturday and split his cheek he got 5 stitches what all & when can I use to help prevent scarring please.
    Thank you

  104. I had septoplasty surgery on my nose. The wound in my nasal septum becomes dry and itches a lot. Can I use olive oil to moisture the wound?

  105. Hi Marjorie,

    Great site.

    At the end of the Scar-B-Gone recipe you say it is important to mix in order given. I have seen this advise for a few recipes but have never heard a good reason why. I asked Dr. Pappas and he thinks it makes no difference. Could you straighten me out on this?


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  107. Hi Marjorie,

    I came upon your research studies rather by serendipity, than anything else, but I am most grateful that I have done so! I am a MRSA survivor having dealt with MRSA for 6 1/2 year’s time from doctor’s inaccurately diagnosing me for many years. As such, due to the quantity of the sores over this period of time, I have white scar tissue where the sores were present, thus removing the melanin in my skin that once was there prior to the sores. I have many of these white spots on my jawline and neck area. Would I use the colloidal silver recommendation, or rather another method to assist me with making these scars less visible? I so appreciate any insight that you may offer me with my resulting cosmetic issue?

    Thank you,

  108. Hi Marjorie,

    I read once that you’re supposed to rub certain oils towards the scar and certain oils away from a scar. This would enable a scar to heal properly.

    Is there any rational or research that supports this?

    Thank you, Eric

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