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Fall Greetings!

This is my favorite time of year!  I hope you and your loved ones are safe and well.  Since re-opening my private practice back in June, I have been keeping very busy working with many new scar tissue cases.  I am truly enjoying working with my patients and on the formation of my non-profit organization, The Scar Healing Project-TSHP (see below for more information). Due to the amount of time and work needed to get TSHP off the ground and Corona virus restrictions I have decided that I will be on sabbatical from teaching until April 2021.

Until the world gets a decent handle on COVID all future live courses will be offered here in New York.  Seminars will have limited attendance (great for one-on one attention!) and all attending must provide appropriate medical clearance.  The first few courses will be the Integrated Therapeutic Stretching Series.  These courses are prerequisites for the advanced scar courses and an integral part of the S.T.R.A.I.T. Method™.  The Scar courses will depend on whether or not we have made advances with COVID.  Many of the volunteers for these courses are immune compromised and I will not put anyone at risk.

In my last newsletter I mentioned that I was contemplating offering on-line courses.  After much consideration I have decided to listen to my inner voice and will not be creating any on- line courses.  I have spent two decades creating and building the S.T.R.A.I.T. Method™. I do not believe it should be taught nor can it be learned properly via video.  I will continue to offer a few free webinars over the next few months.  If there is a specific question or area of therapy you would like covered just message me with the request.

If webinars are not your thing and you would like some personal instruction, I do offer one-on-one coaching sessions to those who have attended any of my seminars from Scar Release to Integrated Therapeutic Stretching.  In case anyone has questions or wishes to review the course material/application of the techniques etc. I am also available for those looking for an introduction to the work. As well as for any professionals using manual therapy in their practice who might be looking for some tips and troubleshooting.  The sessions will run from 30-60 minutes in length and take place via multiple formats (Zoom, Join me, FB, Skype etc.). Simply message or call to set up a session.

Until we can once more gather together safely, be well and take care.

Health & Happiness,


“Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around.”   Leo Buscaglia

The Scar Healing Project:

When the shutdown occurred I, like many others, went from a million miles a minute to a dead stop. While certainly a stressful situation there was a silver lining, I suddenly had the time to sit back and really think about my career. To ask the age-old question, what truly makes me happy?

It was a no-brainer, I have always said I am a Therapist first, Instructor second. I am at my happiest in my treatment room aiding those on their healing journey.  The only frustration there was all those who were not able, for various reason, to come for therapy. While I never turn a child in need away there is only so much pro-bono work I can offer.

I also thought long and hard about the direction I wanted to take my work.  I started done the teaching path with the hope of brining the need for/understanding of Scar Tissue Release and the S.T.R.A.I.T. Method™ to world.  To be a resource for and help those on their journey on becoming the best therapists they could be. I have been very blessed that this dream blossomed and has taken me all over this beautiful planet, forging lasting friendships and granting incredible experiences.

The problem is that while I love teaching, the business side of the Continuing Ed world has been depleting the joy of teaching and left me exhausted.  I am not ready to give up on teaching, but I definitely need a change.

This line of thought opened the door to an idea that has been brewing in my heart for the last few years. One that allows me to help those in need, continue to teach my work, and shed light on the issues of scar tissue. You know the one that answers the other age-old question, What would you do if money was not an issue?

With a bright and happy heart The Scar Healing Project was born.

A non-profit organization that provides free clinics for those who would benefit most from the S.T.R.A.I.T. Method™ but could not afford the therapy. I would be able to provide free training for a dedicated staff and conduct the research everyone has been asking for.  It is a win-win-win situation.  The Scar Healing Project  mission is to eliminate pain and dysfunction experienced by people with active, excessive scarring through innovated therapy, research and education.

TSHP will be offering a series of clinics for a group in need (ie Veterans, Breast Cancer survivors, Burn Survivors, Specific surgeries ie C-section, open heart etc).  A staff of qualified therapists/nurses/doctors will be trained (free internship) in the S.T.R.A.I.T. Method™, needs of the specific focus group and conducting research.

The goal is to offer the first series of clinics in New York.  Once completed, the hope is to continue the program in New York and then either offer the same program in other states with the current focus group or repeated the program with a new focus group.

I have spent the last 6 months taking the necessary steps needed to form the organization.  While well under way there is still much to do.  It has and will continue to be a learning process as most of what needs to be done is completely new to me (I can definitely say I have been pushed way out of my comfort zone). The hope is that once the group is fully formed, the grants needed to move forward will be procured in 2021 and the first of many programs will commence in 2022.


TSHP Internship:

I am still working out the kinks but this is the general outline for the Internship.  The goal is to have the details ironed out and applications available by January 2021.

10 Healthcare Providers (Massage Therapists/ Nurses/PTs/OTs) will be selected to participate in The Scar Healing Project.

The participates will receive:

  • Extensive training in The S.T.R.A.I.T. Method™
  • Training in how to conduct research
  • Training in how to work with specified focus group
  • Continuing Education Credit for course and clinic hours
  • Payment for service in clinics
  • Extensive hands on experience applying the S.T.R.A.I.T. Method™.


10 days of training will be conducted over a two week period.

8 days of scar release & Integrated Therapeutic Stretching (ITS) training

1 day on specifics of working with selected focus group

1 day on conducting research


Following the training the participants are required to attend six – 2 day clinics (one a month for six months)

These days will consist of three- two hour shifts where 8 practitioners will treat for 90 mins and spend 30 mins conducting surveys (15 pre/15 post treatment) the remaining 2 Practitioners will be available to assist the other 8. Practitioners will rotate who is treating/assisting each shift.

The practitioners will pay up front for the training. The tuition ($2,500) will be held in escrow and upon completion of all SIX clinics will have their tuition refunded.  If a practitioner fails to complete all six clinics the tuition will be remitted to TSHP for their training.

The practitioners will be paid $300.00 per weekend for participation in the clinics for a total of $1,800

The practitioners will receive 70 CE credits for the training and 90 CE credits for the clinics.

The goal is to have the funding to keep the clinics going after the initial 6 giving the participants a possibility of continuing with the selected focus group i.e. Veterans and eventually other clinics focusing on other scars such as Mastectomies, C-sections and Burns.


As I mentioned there is a lot of work that needs to be done.

If you are interested in helping out in any way it would be greatly appreciated.

We are in need of a graphic artist willing to donate their time and talent to create the TSHP logo.

Any and all suggestions are welcome.  Feel free to message me at


Webinar Sharing Moment:

Scar Tissue 101

Free webinar on Scar tissue and the myths that surround it.  Scars, and the restrictions they cause, can affect every system in the body.   Recognizing them can be the key to unlocking mysterious pain and other issues that have been interfering with the body’s ability to function and balance. However, treating them without full understand is dangerous. Curios as to why?

In the Line of Tension

This is the presentation I made back in September for the Polish Fascia Conference.


For more info just message or call me



Seminar Update: 

2021 Limited Schedule –

All Courses will be held in Wantagh, New York


4/9-4/11  Integrated Therapeutic Stretching Lower Body


4/30-5/2  Integrated Therapeutic Stretching Upper Body


6/4-6/6 Integrated Therapeutic Stretching g Extremities


7/10    Your Left- No Your Other Left! – Proprioception course

7/11       Integrated Therapeutic Stretching Review


8/6-8/8    Scar Tissue Release – Foundations


9/11-9/12     Scar Tissue Release Abdominal/Pelvic Region (Pre-rec ITS LB)


10/12-10/3   Scar Tissue Release Thoracic region          (Pre-rec ITS UB)


11/6-/117   Scar Tissue Release Burns

(Pre-rec ITS LB & UB)

Courses are subject to change


For more information visit our calendar and events page.

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