Interview on Ariana Rabinovitch’s Podcast Yoga & Beyond

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Marjorie Brook, LMT was featured on Ariana Rabinovitch’s podcast Yoga & Beyond where she discussed what scar tissue is, why it’s so important, how Marjorie works with her clients, and her role as an educator.

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Marjorie’s path to becoming a world-wide leader on scar tissue and scar tissue release therapy started when she went to massage a patient who had been getting massages for over 10 years for lower back pain but was not getting any relief. This was her first patient and first day while she was in school doing her student clinic. When she walked into the treatment room, she noticed that he had 3 scars across his abdomen. Marjorie determined that these scars must be contributing to the patient’s lower back pain so she called in her supervisor to get instruction on how to approach massaging and treating scar tissue. So Marjorie approached the patient about working on the scars during their session – and in 10 years no other therapist had taken this approach. Very quickly the scars were broken up, the patient’s back pain went away and 16 years later he is still a patient of Marjorie’s.


First, you have to define the difference between scar tissue and adhesions.  Scar tissue can develop from surgery, you can develop scar tissue from burns, from grass and then there are adhesions which many nickname internal scar tissue. The scar tissue is the collagen that comes in to help close up the wound. Adhesions are sent in to stabilize and support the area – they are the sticky guys who glue everything down.

Adhesions don’t just come in when you have an open wound. You can create adhesions with any type of inflammation such as twisting your ankle, constantly have bad posture that inflames your body. It’s not just about scars that you see on the surface. It’s about all the adhesions and stuck tissue within the body.

You can have adhesions and not even know!

Most of us start developing adhesions in our body during childhood. Anything that knocks a child off the specific growth path has the potential to cause adhesions in the body such as a bad fall or injury. When this happens we have to work to put the child back on the path.

Since speaking with Marjorie, Ariana now asks all her clients about their scars at their first appointment and makes it a focus for all her massage therapy patients.